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The main exporters of Ukrainian grains

Названы главные экспортеры украинских крупEgypt and Israel have been leaders in the procurement of corn grits.

Ukrainian exports in 2016, showed an annual increase of 25%. The country exported 20.7 thousand tonnes, down from 16.6 thousand Tons in 2015.

These data provided the expert of “UkrAgroConsult” Elizaveta Malyshko.

Ukrainian exports grew in the 2016/17 season at the expense of corn grits, leaders in procurement which are Egypt and Israel, having increased its imports in half.

There were supplies in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, which used to be among our buyers was not.

According to the marketing research Agency AR-group in the TOP destinations of total exports of all grains enter Israel (12,2%), Moldova (8.7 percent), the Netherlands (8,7%), Belarus (8.5%) Egypt (8.2 per cent), Germany (7%). Other countries accounted for 46.7%.

In some countries Ukraine increased delivery times, others only a few percent, and in other hard-dipped, notes Eugene Recent AR-group. The increase in exports, analysts almost unanimously considered the only factor that significantly influenced the growth of cereal production in 2016.

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