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The main error that prevent to lose weight

Названы главные ошибки, мешающие похудеть Ignoring simple rules can break any diet.

Sometimes when trying to lose weight we all make mistakes. Because of this, you did not get to lose weight and keep the result.

1. Creating a large calorie deficit. The human body is perfectly adapted for existence in conditions of starvation. So when you drastically reduce caloric diet, the body then adapts to the new conditions and starts to save energy. A 2009 study showed that severe restriction of calories (890 kcal per day) reduces energy consumption of the body. Three months after the diet study participants spent a day at 431 calories less than the control group, and six months later — 240 calories less. The four-day study found that limiting calories up to 1 114 per day reduces the basic metabolic rate by 13%, and 1 462 kcal per day at 6%. Research 2015, showed that three weeks on a strict diet with calorie restriction half from the norm reduces the energy costs alone for 266 calories per day, and the energy spent on walking by 22%. When you achieve your goals in losing weight and go on a regular diet, the body configured for energy savings, consumes calories at the same speed, but spend very reluctantly. In the end, you quickly gain weight dropped. How to fix. Not to restrict the diet of more than 25% of the prescribed caloric taking into account your weight, age, gender and lifestyle.

2. Skipping meals. Many people believe that by skipping meals, they accelerate weight loss. For example, a person skips Breakfast or doing without lunch at work, but eats very hearty and nutritious dinner. This strategy of weight loss does not bring good results. First, after a day without food strong hunger will make you eat much more than usual. Second, skipping a meal can adversely affect blood sugar, metabolism and energy levels. A 2003 study suggested that the weight gain is to blame food habits. The results showed that eating four times a day reduces the risk of obesity compared to three or less receptions in day. In addition, among the participants, skipping Breakfast, obesity were found much more often, as among the people who eat Breakfast and dinner not at home. How to fix. Try to eat after equal intervals of time from the moment you feel hunger. For example, if you are hungry after you Wake up or know what really want is 10-11 hours, prepare nutritious Breakfast and further meals split for lunch, a small snack and dinner. If the first signs of famine appear closer to lunch, Express lunch, a small snack and dinner, but try to arrange the meals at the same time.

3. The lack of protein in the diet. Protein provides a feeling of fullness, decreases calorie consumption, and plays a key role in maintaining muscle mass in the process of weight loss. A study in 2014 showed that a high protein Breakfast (35 and 13 grams of protein) and reduces craving for sweet and salty foods in between meals. A 2010 study found that at the same daily caloric high protein intake (138 grams) provides a greater feeling of satiety compared to normal consumption (71 grams). The feeling of satiety directly influences the consumption of calories during the day. Twelve days исследованиеProtein leverage affects energy intake of high-protein diets in humans. have shown that people consume 30% of daily calories from protein, eat on average of 575 calories less than those who get 15% of calories from protein. In the process of losing weight along with fat you will inevitably lose muscle mass. Protein helps protect your body from any unpleasant consequences of this diet. A 2013 study found that high protein intake (2.1 grams per kilogram of body weight) during a low calorie diet allows you to maintain muscle mass, increase expenditure of energy at rest and lower blood pressure. How to fix. Try to keep 30% of the daily allowance of calories was protein. You can get it from these products.

4. Liquid diet. Often people who want to lose weight with minimal effort, prefer liquid diet. However, fruit or vegetable juices will provide the body with enough fiber and protein — key nutrients for satiety. A study in 2000 showed that fiber helps to control the consumption of calories and reduces the risk of obesity. These findings confirmed the study in 2011. Scientists have found that dietary fiber with high content of pectin (apples, citrus) and beta-glucan (oats, barley) decrease appetite, resulting in less calorie consumption. How to fix. Do not sit on a liquid diet, consume enough protein and fiber.

5. Exception of fats. Fats are necessary for healthy skin, joints, vision, memory, and mood. In addition, without adequate amounts of fats vitamins a, D, K and E are not absorbed in the body, which can lead to vitamin deficiency and health problems. For weight loss more important to reduce the amount of carbohydrates, not fats. Although fat contains about 9 kilocalories per 1 gram, while carbohydrates and proteins only 4 calories, various studies show that low-carb diets more effective diets low in fat. For example, a 2003 study found that six months of low-carb diet participants lost three times more pounds than people who limit fat intake. In another study, 2003 for the 12 weeks low-carb diet participants lost 2.4 times more pounds than people on nishiiwai diet. Analysis of 53 scientific studies have shown that low carbohydrate diets lead to more significant results in weight loss than diets low in fat content. How to fix. Not worth much to reduce the amount of fat in the diet, but it is desirable to give preference to unsaturated fats, found in fish, avocado, nuts and vegetable oils.

6. Physical activity without diet. Exercise is essential for health and maintaining muscle mass during weight loss. However, without changing your eating habits exercise will not lead to significant weight loss. People often overestimate the number of calories you burn during exercise. For example, if a girl weighing 60 kilograms would be running 30 minutes at an average speed of 8.5 km/h, it will burn only 250 calories. For an untrained person with excess weight a 30 minute run is unrealistic figures. At the same time, only four or five chocolate chip cookies or one can of beer will make up for all the energy. Another problem with this approach to weight loss — increased caloric intake after a workout. Often after physical activity people allow yourself to have whatever he wants, including sweet and fatty foods. Study 2015 found that when people perceive physical activity as a necessity, they are more inclined to consume tasty snacks after a workout than when the activity is fun. How to fix. Exercise, but remember that it will not help you to lose weight without dieting. Make exercise and proper nutrition part of your life and take exercise as a fun activity that brings pleasure. Otherwise, you will not last long and will reward the efforts of high-calorie food.

7. Monotony in training. The same exercises can also lead to rapid adaptation of the organism, so that your body will soon begin to spend less calories for the same activity. As a result, your weight loss will slow down or even stop. In addition, monotony kills interest in that it can completely eliminate physical activity from your life. A 2012 study showed that a greater variety of exercises with a medium to high intensity helps to maintain and lose weight. How to fix. Change the types of training and intensity of exercise, try unusual exercises complement the high-intensity interval training. Any unaccustomed physical load increases calorie consumption and speeds up metabolism for a while after a workout.

8. The expectation of quick results which will endure. Most people, dieters, gaining weight again during the year. Rapid weight loss changes the hormonal balance, slow down metabolism and increases hunger. When people return to the usual diet, these changes force them to heal fast. And because willpower is a very limited resource, it is very difficult to maintain a strict diet for a long time. You can completely give up sugar, fatty foods, junk food, and to halve the consumption of calories, but one night wakes up near the fridge, drinking chocolate soup. Italian researchers analyzed the results of several 12-monthly weight loss programs. It turned out that more than half of women left the program before graduation. Scientists found that these participants had higher expectations of weight loss. The conclusion was: the more expects to lose pounds a person is, the higher the risk to leave long-term diet, and in the first six months.

Nine out of ten people prefer slow changes and are able to set achievable goals, maintain success and three years after the beginning. I know many people who sit on some brutal diet for a week lose a lot of kilos a few months back to where you started. How to fix. Is a winning strategy — slow gradual change. Bellatti advises its customers to tune in to long-term changes for the next 2-4 years. Do not try to lose weight quickly. Instead, reassess your way of life: more healthy eating, activity and quality of sleep, less processed and sugary foods, stress and bedridden weekend. This approach will help you to lose weight for a few years, forget about the exhausting and unhealthy diets and never gain weight again.

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