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The main “enemies” of immunity

Названы главные «враги» иммунитетаSmokers get sick first.

What makes people particularly vulnerable to viruses in the flu season? Practitioners identified five factors that most weaken the immune system.

The group of the most dangerous enemies of the immune system topped Smoking. Experts explain: nicotine, tar and other substances in tobacco smoke severely Deplete the immune system – the body uses it as a protective resource in the fight against them, and not with viruses. So smokers get sick first.

The second degree of bodily harm is an unhealthy diet. Scientific studies show that modern humans nedobirayut vitamins, since their diet is lean and fresh vegetable products. At the same time eaten a lot of preservatives and dyes – all of these substances contribute to the destruction of immune cells.

The third factor stresses. In the body due to stress aktiviziruyutsya of hormone cortisol which affects deterioration of the immune system. In addition, the immune system inhibits physical stress.

Also a blow to the immune system causing uncontrolled medication. Little who applies for examination to the doctors every discomfort, more people are self diagnosis themselves and decide what medicine they will take. But experts warn that such self-medication can cause the immune system almost stops working.

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