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The main downside of the new Apple TV

Названы главные недостатки нового Apple TVExperts have told about problems of the new Apple TV

The head of the American Corporation Apple Tim cook during the presentation said that the new generation Apple TV to support 4K video. However, the experts spoke about the serious flaw in this design.

The representatives of the Corporation said that users of iTunes who purchased some movies get a free upgrade of the quality to Ultra HD. When the new Apple TV began appearing in the homes of customers, has discovered some flaw that all the advantages of the gadget outshines. As it turned out, the box is able to display the video in the highest quality mode only video streaming, if the user wants to enjoy high-quality film in an offline format, but it won’t work.

This condition is specified in the documentation and clarifies that browse through your iTunes 4K movies is possible only if there is a connection to high-speed Wi-Fi. If this is not available, the film starts automatically in HD version. Also Apple still does not support 4K content from YouTube and stripped of apps Amazon Video.

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