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The main disadvantages of buying a car in USA

Названы главные недостатки покупки авто в СШАIt turns out, is not so easy to buy a car from US that it is in perfect condition.

Ukrainians are increasingly looking for cars from the auction. This is not surprising — to drive a car from overseas can be 30-40% cheaper than buying the same in Ukraine. And that all the costs on shipping, documents and services of the respective companies, writes the Chronicle.Info with reference to Аvtoblog.

But not so simple. To really successfully buy a car from overseas you should know and understand some important nuances:

1. Appetites American and designed for American cars.

2. As a rule, purely American cars are huge by European standards.

3. The quality of trim materials — the gap between cheap and rough and luxurious, and expensive — very sharp. And it should be understood.

4. Machines are often less well-maintained than might be desired by the buyer.

5. Stories about negligent attitude of Americans to the maintenance of automobiles often prove true. Late shift fluids, worn consumables are fairly common.

6. A lot of cars at auction has experienced an accident. Very well, if the damage is really possible to rate the photos.

Parts for American technology is often more expensive than the “European” models. Also note that this list of “disadvantages” is not a call to abandon the purchase of the car overseas. Each of the above points can be easily solved. However, provided that you clearly understand the risks and know what to do.

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