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The main conditions of healthy sleep

Названы главные условия здорового снаBritish doctors called the main conditions for a healthy sleep people older than 50 years.

British doctors have listed the main, in their opinion, the conditions for a healthy sleep people older than 50 years.

Scientists recommend to go to bed in socks to keep feet warm, and drive Pets from the bedroom, so they were not disturbed by people. Three hours before sleep, experts advise to refrain from eating, drinking beverages, including alcohol, and use of gadgets.

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Experts believe that the white and blue lighting bedroom it is better to replace the reddish, and offer before you go under the blanket, take a warm bath.

Scientists recommended duration of sleep is seven to eight hours.

According to experts, good sleep promotes physiologically normal body weight, physical activity and Smoking cessation. If sleep is not used, experts recommend being able to leave the bed and bedroom, that they were not associated with insomnia.

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