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The main causes of hair problems

Названы главные причины проблем с волосамиHair loss can be a symptom of serious health problems.

Strong hair loss says about the thyroid gland that can lead to imbalance of male and female sex hormones. In result most of the hair stays on the comb.

However, the condition of the hair is also poor: the hair becomes hard and brittle. More accurate data will be provided by the endocrinologist: he will be able to evaluate your hormonal status, and, if necessary, will prescribe medication that will put things in order on this front.

You have white flakes on their shoulders? What’s the matter? Easy to guess, but if the dandruff appears suddenly, you can blame my book. Check out: so many cases that you have to run to the fields and the next page? That’s what it is. Excessive stress leads to excess cortisol.

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In addition to damage immune system and metabolism” this hormone dries up the scalp. Turns out triple effect: susceptibility to colds, excess weight, flakes on clothes. Pharmacy anti-dandruff shampoo can cope with the latter. But if you do not want the new “snowfall” took you by surprise, try to sleep more, deeper breathing and a little “unloading” schedule.

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Thick cover, extending to the navel (not Vice versa) in women may be a manifestation of polycystic ovarian syndrome. The reason is androgen excess. “Masculinity” makes itself felt irregular cycles or heavy discharge in the critical days, weight gain, acne (acne) and dark “fur” on the abdomen, face, chest and back.

A condition familiar one out of every ten women, carries the risk of infertility and heart diseases. If the symptoms are close to you, verify the diagnosis by a gynecologist. It will prescribe the means (perhaps contraceptives) that will bring the hormonal system into balance.

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