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The main causes of anemia

Основные причины развития анемии Anemia may begin spontaneously and develop over several months without symptoms.

In anemia it reduces the number of erythrocytes and a reduced hemoglobin level in the blood. In itself, this phenomenon cannot occur, this must be accompanied by any reason. About them told the doctors that every person had the opportunity to prevent the development of anemia.

The main reasons for a sharp or gradual drop in the level of hemoglobin in human blood:


There are a lot of options for the development of anemia, because the bleeding may be internal in diseases of the digestive organs, and outer — open wounds, nosebleeds, surgery and so on. Unfortunately, to prevent data breaches in the state of human health is extremely difficult, we can say that is almost impossible. Prevention can only stomach and intestinal bleeding.

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Iron deficiency

In medical practice it is established that iron deficiency in human blood are formed as a result of improper working of the digestive tract. The absorption of micronutrients from food is defeated, as a result of developing such diseases as anemia.

An unbalanced diet

Modern society is powered by the fact that for lack of money or the fact that quicker preparing and the taste more acceptable. Usually people eat: fast food, fried meat and eggs, potatoes, pasta, sausage, sausages, yogurt with additives, bread, buns, chocolate, drink tea with sugar, sodas, etc. These products are not able to provide the body with sufficient quantity of vitamins, minerals and other essential minerals. From an unbalanced diet may develop anemia and not only is the obesity, and weakening of the immune system, cardiovascular disease, nervous exhaustion, oily skin, chronic fatigue and drowsiness. To supply blood vitamins to avoid the development of anemia, doctors recommend to consume foods rich in vitamins B12 and C, folic acid, and iron.

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Food that trigger protein depletion in humans, may contribute to the development of anemia. Actually, this is one of the reasons why doctors do not recommend people to become vegetarians. But really, everyone knows that beans contains vegetable protein, the animal is identical, so in the diet of vegetarians on a daily basis should be peas, beans, asparagus, green beans and so on.

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