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The main causes of aging skin

Названы главные причины старения кожиAsk any celebrity what is the secret of its superior leather, and they’ll tell you, it’s all about sleep and two litres of water a day.


Noticed small pimples on the cheeks or irritation on the bridge of the nose? Blame mobile phone and glasses, which you most likely never in life is not wiped with antibacterial wipes. For frequently used items bacteria multiply with incredible speed, and the dirt accumulates by the ton, even though we may not notice this. Don’t forget to disinfect things that directly touch your skin. And not wash your hands often. And it is better to keep them away from your face, otherwise you run the risk of regularly to detect the skin pimples and blackheads.

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Do not think that the harm to the beauty deals only fatty, unhealthy food and sugar. Healthy foods and “proper nutrition” can also cause rashes. Especially this is to remember, sitting on a limiting diet. Excluding any food group from the diet, make sure that along with it are gone and the necessary vitamins and minerals. Try to find a valid replacement, not to find one morning your face such as you have never seen.

Scrubs and washcloths

In the cold season our skin is more susceptible to flaking. Due to undamped air, temperature changes and lack of vitamins can cause various cracks, dryness and roughness. Seeing such problems, we first run the super-efficient scrubs and brushes to mechanically deliver us from irritating the face. The truth is that after these procedures, the skin feels more smooth and attractive, increases the risk of inflammation. The already stressed skin can rapidly react to such a blatant interference in its usual rhythm of life. What to do? The first step is to remove all the rough scrubbing tools to better times. Secondly, to start with extreme hydration and nutrition. Third, pay attention to a mild exfoliating lotions and serums that most carefully will go with your skin while delicately eliminating dead skin particles.


Chlorine disrupts lipid barrier, which is responsible for moisture retention in the epidermis, and as a result the skin becomes dehydrated. The consequences of lack of moisture you probably know: dullness, decreased elasticity, accelerating the aging process. However, it is in your power to prevent it. Choose the pool, where the water is disinfected using ozone or ultraviolet units, do not swim with makeup, but apply to the skin before the swim nourishing cream, and then rinse thoroughly and moisturize favorite tool.

Dirty brushes

To wash your makeup tools after use – mandatory ritual. Brushes and sponges are kept on not only cosmetics, but also when reusing transferred to the skin of different bacteria, which multiply rapidly in this environment. As you can guess, this leads to inflammation and bad skin. Don’t do that, wash your tools after each use.

Refusal to shower after sport

Sport is fine. Exercise is important for health and appearance, but they can also bring us some discomfort, but rather your skin. Yes, then go out of body toxins, but zasyhaya it clogs the pores, causing blackheads and pimples. It is extremely important after vigorous exercise is not just to take a shower but thoroughly clean the skin, thereby preventing many problems.

Ignoring body signals

Your body is better system, which instantly reacts to the slightest changes. If you do not follow the signals that she regularly takes you risk ending up with nothing or at the doctor’s office. A rash on the cheeks? I thought that you could do to to earn it. You deliver into the body a sufficient amount of the necessary micronutrients? Follow the signals and react to them immediately, including analyzing your lifestyle. Among the highlights of the “beacons” dryness, irritation, acne, dandruff, flaking nails.

Hot water

When you take a shower or bath, ensure the water was not too hot. It is counter to our skin. Hot tub with almost scalding water – stress for the skin. The consequences can burn irritation, redness, loss of elasticity.

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