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The main advantages of tilt-up gate Berry

Названы главные преимущества подъемно-поворотных ворот BerryThe company Hörmann outlined the main advantages of shield-gate Berry.

The Hörmann group is the largest enterprise in Europe for the production of garage and industrial gate. The customers for whom the first place is the quality and safety of the product, know that only in Hörmann their wishes coincide with reality.

In Ukraine, the German company is successfully developing since 1999, so when a potential buyer is faced with the task to purchase unique the doors of the European quality, it think the brand name Hörmann. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The most popular among customers of the manufacturer are garage overhead gates Berry, which are presented on the official website of the company

In absentia so everyone can get acquainted with panelled gate Berry, the producers called their main advantages:

1. Compliance with the highest safety standards. This model is a tilt-up gate equipped with a special protective detail providing security for the user.

2. Unique spring system, which is responsible for the reliability and durability of the gate Berry. Responsible manufacturers take care that the gate has served its owner for decades, setting the box spring additional spring. Thus, when you wear one of the other springs continue to regularly perform its function. Plus, the distance between the turns of each spring is reduced to the minimum so that even a child couldn’t stick your thumbs in.

3. Advanced shock absorption. Again, we are talking about high security tilt-up gates Hörmann, discovering that you can not be afraid that the fabric might lose the top position as improved shock absorbers firmly holding him.

4. Absolute tightness. Berry flush doors when closed are tight to the frame, and the absence of cracks is a special articulating arm.

5. Innovative lock system gate delivers powerful protection against unauthorized penetration into the premises, the entrance to which is established branded Hormann. On customer’s request the manufacturer may propose to set the upper lock gates additionally, in order to double the level of protection and make them unavailable even for professional thieves.

6. Remote control system blade shield gate berry – another important advantage that clients concern Herrmann called the necessary and mega-comfortable. For example, in the street is pouring rain and out of the car there is no desire, then use the remote control to the garage owner can open the gate and safely enter in a dry room. Or in the morning, leaving for work in a clean, ironed suit, you don’t have to leave the cabin of his car to close the gate, and just press the remote button and the canvas will be closed. It should be noted that only Hörmann produce exclusively designed remote controls, which also have their own security certificate, which ensures that the signal coming from the remote, was not copied detractors.

7. A variety of shades of Berry from the paintings of the gate Hörmann allows even the most biased customer to choose the color that is most in harmony with the facade of the house, in the yard, which actually includes a garage. Moreover, the manufacturer takes into account all wishes of the client, so the question is with the exterior design tilt-gate berry or any other model will be resolved primarily in favor of the customer.

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