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The main advantages of a fingerprint scanner in smartphones

Названы главные преимущества сканера отпечатков пальцев в смартфонахExperts told about the need for a modern person to have an advanced smartphone with a fingerprint scanner.

To date, the vast majority of people use smart mobile phones-smartphones, which store a huge amount of personal information. But as for the future to protect themselves from their own secret data, many do not know.

Manufacturers of most popular brands of electronic gadgets are introduced in selected models, a fingerprint scanner, through which a person can be sure that his device is protected from unscrupulous others who want to know what to know them.

Fortunately, today to buy a phone in Ukraine with a fingerprint scanner on that is if you set such a goal is problematic and always will be plenty to choose from. The question is only in the cost of the smartphone, as a rule, built-in fingerprint scanner significantly increases the price tag of the gadget, but it is, in fact, its only drawback. Otherwise only benefits.

Experts in the field of electronic equipment called the main advantages of the smartphone with fingerprint scanner:

1. Fingerprints are unchangeable throughout life, but the passwords are forgotten each time. This is one of the main advantages of the scanner that identifies the owner of the mobile phone according to his fingerprints, and not in secret code. It turns out that this technology significantly saves time because it had no need a long time to enter a set of numbers or letters, exposing the input language, making mistakes, straining his memory before entering the password and so on.

2. No one will ever be able to use someone else’s smartphone, if it is integrated fingerprint scanner. This is especially important for those who store a lot in devayse secret information in the form of files, photos, videos and correspondence.

3. A quick check on various resources, social networks and apps. The fingerprint scanner allows the smartphone owner to register on the websites of the “one-touch”. With this, one does not have to enter a username and password, quite a fingerprint.

Safety is paramount

The fingerprint scanner was originally designed to allow owners of “smart” mobile phones to feel safe. By the way, they managed to develop this unique technology and it is in demand in modern society, but has not yet honed to perfection.

It turns out that even on a secure fingerprint scanner, the smartphone can perform a hacker attack and most interesting is that the hackers have enough tools to pull out of the local memory of the electronic gadget previously stored fingerprints. Change nothing work, as for example with password and login, and you will have to buy a new smartphone, because the prints of fingers people can not change, and worry that the attackers stole or intended to steal classified information and at any moment can use it on your own – that’s scary. So experts recommend to store sensitive information in encrypted files of the smartphone, which to get, I can not even an experienced master of electronic espionage.

Experts said that in the coming years, almost all models of the new smartphone will initially come with fingerprint scanners, so to prepare for this, you can start now. Of course, technology will be subjected to rigorous research, resulting in a fingerprint scanner, the smartphone will be the best, not having any downside means against leakage of any information

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