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The main advantages and disadvantages of the Japanese diet

Названы главные преимущества и недостатки «японской» диетыNutritionists explained how useful and harmful diet.

The essence of Japanese diet is to speed up the process of digestion and the man who observes quickly get rid of the hated extra pounds. Of allowed foods: coffee, lean meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, vegetable oil, hard cheese, savory fruits, all vegetables, eggs, tomato and lemon juice, and yogurt.

The menu in the Japanese diet is quite hearty and nutritious, the only “hungry” meal is Breakfast, after all, allowed to drink only one Cup of organic coffee, sometimes with a cracker from rye bread.

At lunch and dinner a person can eat and still lose weight. The authors of the diet claim that a couple of weeks can be easier to 7-10 kg, the result will depend not only on food but also on metabolism and lifestyle in the physical plane.

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The advantages of the Japanese diet:

– the absence of hunger;

– more or less-balanced diet;

– quick results, so you can in the shortest time to prepare your body for some important event;

– have the ability to wean from sugar, flour and alcohol, especially if diet 21 day to develop the habit of not putting sugar in your coffee, for example;

– normalization of water balance, because in the Japanese diet you need to drink water every 40-60 minutes;

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– accelerate the metabolism and cleansing of the body, which will lead not only weight loss but also to improve the condition of skin and hair.

Disadvantages of the Japanese diet:

– very poor Breakfast, the energy from which it is hardly possible to charge for the whole day;

– you need to eat eggs raw, and it is fraught with salmonellosis;

– eating fruits or vegetables is to razgorodit appetite.

Before you sit on the Japanese diet, think, and whether you need to use e this method, which has the disadvantages of not a lot less advantages.

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