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The magicians shared the secrets of their main focuses. Photo

Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. ФотоNow you will not disappoint.

Few people know that despite the magic that magicians bring to daily life, many of them really are big skeptics and question everything “paranormal”. For example, a popular magician Raymond teller and Penn Gillette in the transmission broke in smithereens dubious theories about the end of the world and the omnipotence of psychics.

However brilliant stunts performed by professionals, and to this day, fascinate the audience.

We decided to lift the veil and uncover the secrets of some famous magic tricks to the next time you view threat of a trick, you were quiet for the life of his performers. And one trick you can easily repeat yourself, using props, which is exactly what you have at home.

The trick with the transformation of one person into another

Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. Фото

The magician reaches into the bag, which tightly ties his assistant. It was then placed in the trunk and close to the castle. The assistant stands on the trunk, raises the screen, and when down, before the viewer is presented a magician. He then unlocks the trunk and unties the bag, which turns out to be an assistant, often in a different costume to heighten the effect.

The secret: in the bag with a magician there usually is a zipper that can be opened from the inside. Assistant gets your feet on the edge of the box, but the top panel is easy to open. When she raises the curtain, the magician quickly jumps out of the drawer, grabs the screen, and the helpmate, on the contrary, jumps inside. The magician opens the lock of the chest, the girl climbs into the bag and removes the top suit, which is another. Than quickly and smoothly action, the spectacular like.

Throwing knives in person

Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. Фото

At first glance, this trick seems really dangerous. But the man pinned to the target, no danger.

The secret is that the magician does not produce knives from his hands, and with a deft movement hides in a hidden pocket of the suit. In the target’s assistant, which by means of a special mechanism shoots knives from the back side of the target. The whole work is very coordinated and fast, therefore it seems to us that the knife sticks in the target and not coming out of it.


Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. Фото

The girl placed in a big box with sections for the head, hands and feet. The magician moves her head, hands and feet, showing an unprecedented stretch, which is not capable of the human body.

In fact, when the magician opens and closes the front and rear doors, proving that the box is empty, cleverly hiding between the folds two more assistants. They make their way inside through the back door, and each pokes his arm and leg in the appropriate compartments. Viewer will not notice the substitution, all the girls do the same manicure. Assistant big arms and legs, and the girl, whose head is seen by the viewer, stands on a stool or lie down.

The transformation of water into ice

Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. Фото

The magician pours water into a glass. But then from a glass instead of water falling piece of ice. No violation of the laws of physics, of course, is not happening.

Hidden inside an ordinary sponge, which absorbs water, and ice is placed in advance in a glass. This trick you can replicate at home, but remember that the “magic” glass should not be transparent.

The disappearance of the pigeons

Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. Фото

The magician places one or more pigeons in a box. But when he lifts the lid, the birds gone.

Don’t worry, they’re all right, just in the roof there is a secret compartment, it is very small and inconspicuous, but the birds can be easily located there.

The burying alive

Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. Фото

This trick was done in an open area. The magician placed in a box and truly buried in the ground, but after a few seconds he gets out of this dangerous trap. Such a risk not all are solved, but with proper execution magician will not be affected.

The box has a secret door, through which the artist moves into the previously prepared underground room. It has a supply of oxygen and light. With a special pull-out shelves, the magician is very shallow in the pit, holding his breath while throwing the last clods of earth, and quickly selected.

Needle through the skin

Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. Фото

It may seem that the magician suffers the pain for a spectacular stunt, but the reality is, as always, easier.

MAG needle pierces the skin and the layer of make-up, made from rubber cement. Blood which usually appears too fake, it is downloaded into a hollow needle and poured from the small holes.

Swallowing swords

Иллюзионисты поделились секретами своих главных фокусов. Фото

This spectacular room is completely dependent on a performing artist.

The trick is that the sword must go through so as not to hurt the internal organs. Pharynx and esophagus should form a straight line, and this fakir, need long and hard to train, especially if he plans to speak with really sharp swords.

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