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The machine of violence became an Autonomous

Машина насилия стала автономной

Machine “hybrid war”, which was built to bypass Russian laws, and deduced from their actions (for example, members of the PMC “Wagner” criminals according to article 359 of the criminal code, derived from the operation of laws of the Russian Federation authorities) began to act independently. Each structure itself invents “enemies of Russia”, as it seems correct, and their “kills” the methods it considers acceptable without regard for the law and without fear of punishment.

Neither Nemtsov murder or attempted murder Skripal, nor the planting of drugs to Ivan Golunov or sentence to Pavel Ustinov to the Putin regime was not needed, but the regime has already lost control of their “dogs” and “dogs of the regime” has already used to the fact that they are above the laws and beyond the laws of the Russian Federation. This explains the ferocity of the crackdown on peaceful rallies in Moscow, with the consequent falsifications of criminal cases and not just sentences.

By the Kremlin’s machine of violence for “hybrid war” was launched in Russia against Russian citizens, as well as she acted against the Ukrainians. This machine of violence has become Autonomous and self-defining their goals. The regime created a monster that is not able to control.

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