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The MacBook Pro was faced with a new problem

Пользователи MacBook Pro столкнулись с новой проблемойFrom MacBook Pro found problems with the keyboard.

Users of MacBook Pro, introduced by Apple in late 2016, complain of problems with the keyboard.

Some users note that a new type of keyboard doesn’t click, and others argue that the MacBooks exhibit overreaction as when sticking buttons.

Judging about everything, the problem lies in the heating of the device is to reproduce the problem only after a long operation of the laptop.

“After a few hours using the new MacBook Pro 15 with tabarome, I noticed that some of my keys, when pressed, emit a very high sound. Among the problematic keys – Caps Lock, left shift, and very rare: Del, H, and C,” complains one user.

Apparently, the majority of complaints comes from users of 15-inch MacBook Pro with tabarome, but there are also problems and 13-inch models, both with Tabara.

In the Apple not officially comment on the complaints about the MacBook keyboard.

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