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The luxurious interiors of the yacht for 30 million dollars. Photo

Роскошные интерьеры яхты за 30 миллионов долларов. ФотоThings for the richest.

Touch the world of millionaires! See how looks a yacht The Wider 130, released in Italy and already recognized as the most elegant serial yacht in the world.

The public for the first time presented a new yacht Wider 130, designed by the Italian company Wider Design. She accommodates 12 people, offering six cabins. Three cabins can accomodate six crew members and one captain. Wider 130 – super-yacht, the improved model on the basis of the Wider 125, released in 2015. In the series there is also the yacht Wider 150 and Wider 165. The price of new yachts ranging from 25 to 30 million euros. The basic model can be supplemented with a wide option of design and technical additions to the customer’s choice.


Роскошные интерьеры яхты за 30 миллионов долларов. Фото

The yacht has a sporty design with a beautiful recreation area at the rear, specially adapted to sunbathe and swim in the ocean. This zone can be opened when the boat is worth, or close a retractable roof during the movement. The main deck also has a Seating area and a living room which can also be done completely open, to breathe the cool ocean air.


Роскошные интерьеры яхты за 30 миллионов долларов. Фото

Yacht 200 square meters of outdoor space divided into three zones: the forward deck, perfect for sunbathing, bridge for elegant dinners and a relaxation area on the aft deck at water level.

Роскошные интерьеры яхты за 30 миллионов долларов. Фото

The yacht’s modern interior design, and the interior looks like it was moved here from a posh new York penthouse. There are no cramped and dark places, which so much on some yachts. Windows is designed so that the sun perfectly illuminates the cabin. The master bedroom has a king size bed, wood-panelled and decorated in soft tones, on which rests the sight. Desk set before a wide window. It’s big enough to have enough space for computer and documents. A separate Seating area equipped in such a way, so it was comfortable to sit together, sipping champagne.

Ocean views

Роскошные интерьеры яхты за 30 миллионов долларов. Фото

Wide glass Windows provide panoramic views of the ocean and create sosanie the open space. Comfortable salons, you can admire the sea and the upper area, where the best views, equipped with a sliding roof. Guest areas are spacious and flow naturally one into another. Conveniently arranged passages allow team members to constantly provide necessary assistance to the guests without colliding with them constantly in the corridors.

Speed and class

Роскошные интерьеры яхты за 30 миллионов долларов. Фото

Two turbovent give diesel-electric propulsion system able to reach a speed of 14 knots and take place at a maximum rate of about 2000 nautical. On the most fuel saving speed of 8 knots she can pass of 4200 nautical miles. The tank is placed 40 thousand liters of fuel and in the tank for fresh water – 5000 litres. Weight of fully equipped yacht of 360 tons.


Роскошные интерьеры яхты за 30 миллионов долларов. Фото

The hull is made of aluminum alloy and is of 40.78 meters in length and of 8.40 – wide. In addition to the diesel engine, the yacht is equipped with two electric motors, each of which produces 440 kW of energy. For recharging the battery is a 1000-kilowatt generator. Cells generate 272 kW an hour-long. Most modern navigation equipment includes a system of geolocation, radar, sonar and satellite communications.
For its size Wider 130 – a beautiful boat. The interior is made so that it is perceived very spacious. Two-meter draught allows the yacht to enter into almost any ocean port or Marina view hotel suites and to come to the Islands without the risk of crashing into the ground or bury in the sand that tend a larger boat. At the same time the yacht can cross oceans no problem traveling from Italian ports somewhere in new York or Miami.

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