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The loss of business from the “struggle” against the Telegram was estimated at $2 billion

Affected about 400 Russian companies.

 Потери бизнеса от «борьбы» с Telegram оценили в $2 миллиарда 

Possible loss of business due to the attempts of the Russian authorities to block Telegram can be about $ 2 billion. So, Russian companies can lose a billion dollars by the end of 2018. Still the same — Amazon and Google. This is stated in the letter from the General Director of the company-software developer Flexbby Andrey Prokofiev’sInternet Ombudsman Dmitry marinicheva, reports “Kommersant”.

“This is the most pessimistic scenario,”— said Prokofiev. In this case, in his opinion, to benefit from the redistribution of the market “Rostelecom”, Group, “Yandex” and Microsoft.

Chapter Flexbby believes that it is necessary to adopt an amendment that would exclude situations in which “the vital services of the Russian business will be blocked unilaterally”. According to him, has already suffered about 400 Russian organizations that use Google and Amazon.

On the eve of the Society of scientific workers appealed to the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev with the requirement “to stop the malicious activity of Roskomnadzor”. Scientists believe that Agency staff should be held accountable for the damage they’ve done. Yesterday about failures in work sites, without access to which is possible to complete scientific activity is reported, the Council on science under the Ministry of education and science. Scientists believe that Roskomnadzor, not a specific Internet service providers, assumes all responsibility for the situation.

Roskomnadzor said that “taking measures to avoid blocking of respectable resources.” The hot line of the Ministry received 46 thousand complaints relating to failures due to blocking of Telegram.

From 16 April a court decision to block access to Telegram for refusing to provide the FSB encryption keys users ‘ messages. As the messenger began to use to bypass the lock servers of American companies Amazon and Google, Roskomnadzor began to restrict access to them. Blocked nearly 20 million addresses. In this Telegram he continues to work.

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