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The Loch Ness monster began to appear in the photo

Лох-Несское чудовище все чаще попадает на фото An unidentified object was recorded even on Google.

Over the last week from two shots of Nessie was in the British media. The first was made in mid-September, relaxing on the shore of the lake, and the second was accidentally discovered on Google Earth.

Deepak RAM, a physician from Manchester, made in the Scottish lake Loch ness photo, which shows something similar to the back of the famous local water monster, Nessie.

33-year-old man vacationing on the beach of Dores and 17.35 saw in the waters of the lake heaved a large dark mass, which at first just felt a big wave.

Лох-Несское чудовище все чаще попадает на фото

But when he decided to photograph “the wave”, he realized that it was something solid that remained for some time almost in one spot. The object is similar to roach (according to numerous descriptions of the early witnesses) back Nessie, was visible for about half a minute, and then plunged into the water.

But he himself Deepak RAM believes that maybe it wasn’t the back, of the neck of the monster.

“It was not a wave, but something dark and the water flowed around him. It steadfastly remained in one place for 30-35 seconds and then went under water. It was cloudy but didn’t rain and the waves were very calm. When I increased the object on the picture taken by me, you saw something really similar to part of the body of Nessie. Maybe it’s the back and maybe neck. When it went under water, we all stood in shock. Unfortunately, none of us thought to capture the subject on video.”

The beach of Dores located on the Eastern shore of Loch ness near Inverness. Previous image of Nessie was made by the schoolgirl of 17 August 2018.

The second week (and 9 account for the year 2018) the Nessie accidentally discovered American Lisa stout from Ohio. Fascinated by monsters woman was looking at Google Earth images of Loch ness and found a series of photographs that were made 2 years ago.

And one of them, she was amazed to see that what looks like a long neck protruding from the water. This may be just a tree, but the object looks really strange.

Лох-Несское чудовище все чаще попадает на фото

The picture was taken near the resort Highland Resort Loch Ness at Fort-Augustus. According to the researcher, Gary Campbell, who collects and counts all sightings of Nessie, the upper part of the neck similar to a head and there’s even supposedly can be seen the creature’s eye.

Лох-Несское чудовище все чаще попадает на фото

Campbell is watching Nessie for 22 years and have counted since then, more than thousands of sightings of the monster.

The Loch ness attracts huge number of tourists, hoping to capture Nessie in the photo or video. Recently, we announced a sum of 41 million pounds, which the Loch ness brings annually into the Scottish economy.

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