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The little ice age was triggered by the colonization of America

Малый ледниковый период был спровоцирован колонизацией АмерикиThe murder of Indians precipitated the little ice age.

Scientists from University College London, said that the colonization of America in the XV century, which was accompanied by mass destruction of the indigenous population caused climate change on Earth.

According to the researchers, the decline in population has led to the fact that vast tracts of agricultural land were abandoned and in their place grew trees and other vegetation. Revegetation occurred due to the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, leading to rapid cooling of the planet. The ensuing time is often called the little ice age.

In the study, researchers examined data on the number of people in America before the first European contact in 1462 and saw how this number changed in the following decades due to epidemics of diseases such as smallpox, influenza, measles and typhoid fever, but also because of the military action, slavery and social collapse.

It turned out that by the end of the XV century in America there were about 60 million people (10% of the global population), but over the next 100 years this number dropped to five or six million. In addition, the researchers podchitali that about 56 hectares of land, which were used by the Indians for agricultural purposes, was abandoned.

In this area rose trees and other vegetation that used carbon dioxide. The total content of carbon dioxide decreased by 7-10 ppm. According to scientists, this was the cause of the little ice age.

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