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The lists do not appear. What’s wrong with the list issued by Russia in exchange

В списках не значатся. Что не так с перечнем выданных России по обмену

After a major prisoner exchange, held on September 7, almost the whole day there was information handed over to Russia Ukraine detainees and convicts. Only the Russian Embassy in Kiev has published a group photo, but there’s – obviously, not all released by the exchange (24 people from the previously announced 35). Moreover, there is still no official list was transferred to Russia. All that can be found in Russian and Ukrainian media, is lists, which publish various Newspapers, citing their sources, and the names released they coincide only partially.

A completely different situation with Ukrainian citizens returned home. Their names was published by the Office of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky September 7.

The list “Ukrainian truth”

Some Russian media on the day of the exchange in the format of “35 by 35” referred to the list published on Saturday evening “Ukrainian truth”. The publication writes that he was made according to private sources, however, as we found out the Radio Liberty, is inaccurate. In it, the 35 released to the people, given to Russia previously or in the lists for exchange, but not caught in the current.

Among them is Anna Dubenko, former soldier of the 54th brigade of the APU, which was detained on suspicion of espionage and released in 2017. In this video, filmed in Bakhmut prison (city to 2016 was called Artemovsk), she talks about contained in the same jail the Russians Ruslan Haciyev (tanker who fought on the side of “FSC” and captured during the battle for Debaltsevo, which has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and which was removed from the list before Saturday’s exchange), Igor Konakovskom (his name appears in the lists of prisoners transferred on 7 September Russia) and the person with the Callsign “Yakut” (in may last year, the native of the Republic of Sakha voluntarily surrendered to the police Bakhmut, which allows to avoid criminal liability for participation in illegal armed groups, which in Ukraine is recognized as “army” and “police” the separatists).

Further, inaccurate listings are the name of Andrey Tretyakov. We are talking about the Crimea, held in 2017 in Avdeevka. He is suspected of correction of fire for Pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass. Information about its release in the public domain. Obviously, he is still under investigation in Kiev. Another name is Sergiy Kovernik 1978. A person with the same first and last name is not even in the Ukrainian information database “the Peacemaker,” which publishes information from open sources about people who took part in the annexation of Crimea or cooperate with the self-proclaimed “republics” of Donbass. That Kovernik allegedly had been released previously, wrote some mass media, but confirmation of this information could not be found.

A list of the website “”

Your list published and the website (this edition today is related to the state of the Russian MIA “Russia today”, but it was created on the basis of “RIA Novosti Ukraine”, which was led by exempt Kirill Vyshinsky. Ukrainian media also associate it with Putin’s godfather Victor Medvedchuk). It – also 35 names, but among them there are people, which previously did not write the major media, and therefore, they do not except that Radio Liberty managed to find you in social networks or in open sources, using data about the cities where they came from, and the date of birth. The above mentioned list of “the Ukrainian truth” in this list not mentioned.

Alexander Tarasenko, 10 July 1970

Social networks Radio Liberty managed to find only one Alexander Tarasenko, born on this day. This 49-year-old from Kharkov, in his account of the network “Classmates” (second account, third account), he said “cool” records of the community “Antimaydan” pictures of children in a Soviet military uniform with ribbons, cartoons and critical writing about the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, as well as nostalgic posts about life in the USSR. Among friends Tarasenko is, for example, a person under the pseudonym of “call-Beluga White”, “polite man” on your avatar and other people with nicknames and photographs, hinting at military service in “DNR”.

According to the page Tarasenko in “Vkontakte”, in the late 1980s, he served in air defense units in the GDR in the Soviet Western group of forces, then worked as a cutter in the clothing industry, and the last mention of the work Tarasenko at a garment factory refers to 2016. On the Internet you can also find multiple Tarasenko profiles on various Dating sites. He has a son named Vladislav. Radio Liberty sent a message to several friends Tarasenko in social networks, at the time of publication of this material, none of them answered.

Ruda Olga Vladimirovna, July 27, 1972

In the “Classmates” is one profile of Olga Rudoy with the date of birth. It is almost empty, but it is possible to find information about the place of birth of Olga is a city of Lisichansk. In the spring of 2014 Lisichansk and Severodonetsk nearby was briefly captured by Pro-Russian separatists “LC”, but in July came under the control of the Ukrainian army. Due to the known place of birth we were able to find and profile Olga Ore in “Vkontakte”. It has a picture of Olga, sitting by the river with a barbecue. On the back of the chair on which she sits, sweater with the logo of “Party of regions” Victor Yanukovych, released as a campaign production for the parliamentary elections 2012.


The only entry on the wall of Ore – is the census of the Pro-Russian Ukrainian video blogger Anatoly Sharia. The movie pokes fun at Ukrainian soldiers, pulls from the Seversky Donets river half drowned military truck. Friends with her – just two people. They answered questions from Radio Liberty about how Olga Ruda appeared in the lists on the exchange and for which she was detained by Ukrainian authorities before you get into these lists. Recent posts Ore on social networks written in July of 2015.

Eremin, Nikolay Nikolayevich, 22.08.1961

Another handed over to Russia a citizen of Ukraine has close ties with one of the leaders of the Ukrainian party of Medvedchuk “the Opposition platform For life,” Yuri Boiko, who is now the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. We are talking about the inhabitants of the city of Rubizhne, now located on the Kiev-controlled territory of the Luhansk region of Ukraine. Photos of Eremina still can be found on the official website of the city Council Boundary. In November 2015 he was the head of Rubizhne city election Commission.

In this photo he sits with his head down, to the extreme right of the picture:

В списках не значатся. Что не так с перечнем выданных России по обмену

Eremin was elected head of the city election Commission is not accidental: he was closely associated with the party “Opposition bloc” (it, too, was headed by Yuriy Boyko – until, while in November last year, was not created by the party “Opposition platform For life”). In the municipal elections of 2015 – the first post – Euromaidan Opposition bloc received 25 of the 34 seats in the local Council.

That Eremin is in custody, the media has not previously been reported. Information about him is found, only putting his hometown and the party to which he had before his arrest. Obviously, Eremin was arrested after being knocked to the floor and, most likely, beat 80-year-old Kislova N. A. a veteran of the chemical plant “Zarya”, located in the city of Rubizhne. Information about it still is one of the city sites. The beating was a response to the desire Kislova to speak with Boyko (he was the General Director “dawns” from 1981 to 1999) about memorable events, which is annually organized by former employees of the company in memory of those killed and injured as a result of several explosions occurred at the plant in Soviet times and in the 90-ies, after Ukraine gained independence.

Another feature of this list – it contains 13, and not 12 as in other media, in front of which is the clarification that we are talking about the citizens of Russia.

Half of these people at the same time have or have had in the recent past Ukrainian citizenship. This Chapter, “RIA Novosti Ukraine” Kirill Vyshinsky, a native of the Dnieper, which has a Ukrainian and a Russian passport; and three Crimean accused of desertion and betrayal of the oath: Taras Sinica (the Lieutenant Colonel of Armed forces of Ukraine), former Ukrainian soldiers Maxim Odintsov and Alexander Baranov, detained at the administrative border of the Crimea in November 2016, where they came to get the Ukrainian documents; and Vladimir Galich, the Deputy of the city Council of Sevastopol voted for the “referendum” in the Crimea; and the native of Sevastopol Sergey Ignatiev, attacked in Kiev with a knife fighter volunteer in connection OUN who fought in the Donbass. Russia was transferred and the couple: Olga Kovalic, a resident of Mariupol, which had a Ukrainian passport, and Russian Pavel Chernykh, arrested in April 2015, and charged with transmission of information about the movement of Ukrainian military.

In addition to the Black list of the 35 names there are only six citizens of Russia. Four of them – Victor Ageev, Sergei Egorov (appears in the lists on the websites of the “”, Arkady Liquid and Alexei Sadykov – fought on the side of the self-proclaimed “DNR”; Igor Cimikowski, accused of espionage, detained in 2015 at a temporary checkpoint in the Donbass, and Eugene Meadow accused of organizing provocations during clashes in Odessa in may 2014, when a fire started in the House of trade unions killed 48 people.

Other lists

His list of published Ukrainian edition In it, among other names and have the name of Oleg Khomenko, who has not been seen neither in cooperation with Pro-Russian separatists of the Donbass or in part in the annexation of Crimea. We only know that it a few dozen times crossed the line of demarcation, of course, if this is it, because in the list of the website not specified date of birth.

A list handed over to Russia Ukraine detainees and convicts was published close to the separatists media. In it, in particular, is the name of Alexei Lazarenko, former employee of the Zaporozhye plant “Migremont”, who was arrested recently in August 2019 on charges of industrial espionage in favor of Russia. It is specified only in the list on the website “” and on a site “Ukrainian truth”, but not in the list of publications Also, not all lists have a name of Andrey Kostenko. About who this man is, accurate information is not available. Supposedly a man with the same name fought on the side of the breakaway republics, however, does not match his date of birth (18.09.1984).

These two lists are not all similar names with others.


It is possible that among caught in Russia on the exchange of people was only those 24 people who were photographed at the Russian Embassy in Kiev. The variation in the names and the names indicates that the exchange could not be 35 35 like the media wrote the day before, and 35 24. Perhaps this is the answer to the question why the President of Russia Vladimir Putin arrived to meet liberated at the airport with flowers and why wasn’t there relatives, as happened in the Kiev airport, where he met the freed Ukrainians. “When us normal people are treated? With me nobody communicated, nobody ever told me anything. The information I learned from the Internet. While I’m at home because I don’t know which airport to go. Hopefully, soon they will see the son” – commented the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” information about the release of her son Eugene, his father Igor Nefedov.

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