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The list of the most dangerous airports in the world

Составлен перечень самых опасных аэропортов мираThe list includes airports located in Portugal, Gibraltar, Netherlands, France, Bhutan, Nepal, New Zealand, Antarctica and other exotic locations.

Experts of the British travel company Globehunters identified the TOP 13 most dangerous airports in the world.

The list includes airport Barra, located in Scotland, unique in the world with a sandy runway. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Barra airport is located on the eponymous island and serves flights exclusively during low tide.

Also the list included Princess Juliana international airport on the banks of the Saint Martin island in the Caribbean belonging to the Netherlands. Due to the fact that the aircraft during landing have to fly near the mountains near the airport, the Airliners have to make a leap in the air immediately after takeoff.

Among the most extreme airports included air Harbor Narsarsuaq in the South of Greenland. The planes were forced to fly over the fjord and to make a difficult turn after takeoff.

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