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The list of new year’s zones of Kiev

Опубликован список новогодних зон КиеваSite opens tomorrow.

The people of Kiev will celebrate the New 2019 as always – in the mood. And to get it right, will create a festive public areas. Each year, city officials and event organizers are trying to surprise us with something unusual.

Start the Christmas celebration on December 15. On this day, work Christmas area Kontraktova square, and will present the project “the land of the Northern lights” in the Sofia square.

Sofia square
Traditionally, the main tree will set at Sophia square. Will collect it from hundreds of small pine trees, and decorate a 3-kilometer-long garland and 1.5 thousand toys. And her on the big screen all day and night would flicker of the Northern lights. In the Central square you can eat and warm up with warm mulled wine and a ride around the monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky in the train of desires – “the polar Express”.

The program of celebration on St. Sophia square
19 December, 19:00 – opening of the main tree. The Celebration Of St. Nicholas Day
22-23 December – holiday concert
December 24, 16:00-22:00 – gala event “Ukraine and the world are celebrating Christmas together”
29-30 December – holiday concert
December 31 – the feast of the New year
January 1 – holiday concert
5, January 6 – holiday concert
January 7 – Christmas March of the stargazers, carols, concert
12-13 January – gala concert

It is worth remembering that from 24 November 2018, 24 January 2019 restricted traffic along the right lane just Vladimirsky passage towards Mikhaylovskaya square.

Kontraktova square
Hem decorate the holiday tree with a height of 20 m from the 2 km-long garland and toys descended from the paintings of Marina Primachenko. Pedestrian Sagaydachnogo street will show what she’s capable of, scattered around the perimeter of souvenir shops and a large food court. A temporary residence permit on the hem will get St. Nicholas, who will meet with the kids.

The program of celebrations at the Kontraktova square
15 Dec – the opening of the winter town, then a holiday concert
16, December 19 – holiday concert;
19 December, 17:00 – opening of the main tree;
22, 23 December – holiday concert;
24 Dec – Christmas celebration;
29-30 December – concert program;
December 31 – the feast of the New year;
1-2 January – gala concert; January 5 – holiday concert;
January 7 – Christmas March of the stargazers, caroling, concert;
January 8 – holiday concert;
January 12 – 110 years since the birth of Maria Primachenko, a concert;
January 13 – metrovaya, a concert; January 14 – gala concert;
January 19 – the closing of the winter town, a concert;

On the territory of the exhibition center from December 8 to January 7 will operate the project offer “winter country”. Will work for residence, factory of Christmas decorations Klavdiyevo, the exposition “Ice age”, the quest-pavilion “Building interactive adventures” and “Castle ice sculpture”. The premiere season will be the tale “Winterra. The legend of fairy land.” Well and an ice rink under the open sky with festive lights, hills, tropical farm “planet of the Butterflies”, a spherical cinema TELEPORT360, petting zoo, Animal Park, have cable and high ropes course.

Spivoche field
On new year’s day territory Splooge fields in the Pechersk landscape Park (lavrska str., 33) will fill the citrus fruits. Their flavor is like no other reminiscent of winter and the New year. Of the 120 tonnes of oranges and lemons will build fairy-tale castles, and even tree residence citrus Santa.

Special care
For children requiring special attention and social support in the Park named after Taras Shevchenko from December 15, 2018 January 15, 2019 is organizing new year and Christmas celebrations. In addition, in Kiev for the kids in all theaters will be held new year’s performances. In the column hall of the Kiev city Council will be held new year’s show “comes on Saint Nicholas.” 19 Dec volunteers-assistants of St. Nicholas will be on the streets of Kiev – the procession starts at str and ends at the Kontraktova square.

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