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The lemon in the drink may be hazardous to health

Лимон в напитке может быть опасен для здоровьяIn alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in bars and restaurants often add a slice of lemon.

It turns out that they are a source of microorganisms that can cause infectious diseases.

Figured it out by scientists from Medical school at new York University, says Deccan Chronicle.

Experts took swabs from lemon slices in the drinks at the 21 restaurant. The study showed that the growth of microorganisms was noted in 70% of the samples. In General, the researchers found 25 different species of microorganisms. They could provoke infectious diseases, although the probability scientists did not expect.

The researchers say: workers of restaurants and bars touch the lemon, cut it, put the pieces in a container, Cup or glass, where after a while take them out and put into a drink. So, microorganisms are easy to get to the lemon slices. And alcohol drinks are not always strong enough to destroy them.

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