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The legendary Ukrainian truck sold for $ 3,600

Легендарный украинский грузовик продают за 3600 долларов Sold KrAZ-214 was released in 1960.

Russia put up for sale unique Ukrainian cargo all terrain vehicle KrAZ-214, having a wheelbase 6×6. Want for it to just 3 600 dollars.

The Kremenchug automobile plant produced KrAZ-214 from 1959 to 1969. There were made 32 870 models. Some of them were sent for export. Now this truck is considered a rarity. Unfortunately, it remained only a few instances. Moreover, in Ukraine there is only one such car in the factory Museum “AvtoKrAZ”. Another is in Russia, and sell for only 3600 dollars.

Sold in Russia of KrAZ-214 was released in 1960, i.e. not at the Yaroslavl automobile factory, and at the Kremenchug automobile plant. Almost all he’s got “native”, including 6,97 l engine producing 205 HP But this car requires serious restoration. Besides, he’s not on the move.

The KrAZ-214 is a truly legendary Ukrainian truck. It was released in small quantities. It will be a pity if this instance does not fall in our country. I hope that there are Ukrainian collectors and enthusiasts, who think that the KrAZ-214 1960 you can pay 3 $ 600.

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