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The legendary Einstein’s letter will go under the hammer

Легендарное письмо Эйнштейна уйдет с молотка In the letter, the scientist predicts “dark days”.

The letter of the scientist albert Einstein (1879-1955), in which he long before the Nazis came to power, predicts the “dark ages” for Germany because of rising anti-Semitism and nationalism, will be sold at auction in Jerusalem, Israel. Starting price of the lot, owned by an anonymous collector – 12 thousand dollars.

The letter Einstein wrote to his sister Maya in August 1922. It happened shortly after he was forced to leave Berlin and to hide in the North of Germany because of the murder of far-right extremists his friend, the Minister of foreign Affairs and the Jewish Walter Rathenau. On the letter of the scientist’s sister is no return address: the police then warned Einstein about the threat to his life.

In 1933 (after the rise to power of Adolf Hitler), Einstein renounced German citizenship and moved to USA. The establishment of the Nazi dictatorship, the scientist has foreseen a year before the Munich “beer hall putsch” happened in 1923.

“No one here knows where I am and think I am missing. Here begins the political and economic dark ages, so I’m happy to have the opportunity to avoid all this, wrote Einstein sister in August 1922. – I’m doing pretty good, despite all the anti-Semites among the German colleagues. I live here alone, away from noise and unpleasant experiences, and earn money mostly in private, to really be a free man”. Einstein added that going to be something of a “traveling preacher”, combining the necessary with the pleasant.

It is believed that Einstein wrote this letter in the German port city of Kiel, before traveled to Asia. In December of the same year he received the Nobel prize in physics.

When the Nazis came to power, they instituted a policy of discrimination against Jews, and also denied the scientific achievements of members of the Jewish nationality. In particular, the theory of relativity, formulated by Einstein, the Nazis called “Jewish physics”. In contrast the developed pseudo-scientific direction, named “Aryan physics”.

In October 2017 short note by Einstein, written in 1922 during a visit to Japan, was sold at auction in Jerusalem for $ 1.56 million. Then a brilliant scientist gave a course of lectures in Tokyo and refused according to local tradition from tipping the bellboy wrote in gratitude to the two didactic Epistles in German, proposing to keep them.

Note, where a scientist noted that “a quiet, modest life brings more joy than the race for success DC excitation”, was sold for half a million dollars at a starting price of 2 thousand dollars. The second gift of Einstein to courier, the text of which reads – “Where there is will there is way” – was sold for 240 thousand dollars with a starting price of 1 thousand dollars.

Add the world’s largest collection of Einstein manuscripts kept at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, one of the founders of which was albert Einstein. He also offered to become the first President of Israel, but the great scholar refused.

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