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The Legend of Zelda will be another mobile game from Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda станет еще одной мобильной игрой от Nintendo

Since then, Nintendo plunged into the wonderful world of mobile gaming and started to drag back their key characters. According to sources The Wall Street Journal, in the nearest plans of the company have at least two unannounced “pocket” project is based on the leading series.

At first Nintendo will release on smartphones Animal Crossing. This series is a kind of social simulation: the protagonist lives in a village with talking animals engaged in everyday chores like fishing, harvesting and other things.

Nintendo mentioned mobile Animal Crossing a year ago. According to The Wall Street Journal, the game should come out in the second half of 2017.

And after Animal Crossing on smartphones will appear in The Legend of Zelda. Sources do not call the approximate date of release, but still warn that the plans Nintendo can still change.

Of course, the Japanese will not be ported to mobile phones a brand new Breath of the Wild. As stated by Nintendo President Kimishima Tatsumi (Tatsumi Kimishima), portable branch needs to attract the casual audience and push it towards the purchase of the devices (and to make money, of course).

So mobile The Legend of Zelda, most likely, will undergo significant changes compared to the original series and something more suitable for smartphones. For example, the game “three in a row”. Something similar has happened with the Mario series: Super Mario mobile Run closer to the “runners” than platformers.

The Wall Street Journal also writes that The Pokémon Company (Nintendo branch) prepares for smartphone trading card game series Pokémon. Other details about her are unknown.

The company representatives refused to give comments about the new The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon, so the news of them can be considered rumors. But this couple would be quite an expected move by Nintendo.

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