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The leading “heads and Tails” health problems

У ведущей «Орел и Решка» проблемы со здоровьемWith each new country and travel in it for the artist more difficult to recover.

26-year-old well-known Ukrainian TV presenter and singer Regina todorenko has become hard to cope with frequent flights.

Leading popular travel-show heads and Tails Regina todorenko, which was recently held in the sea off the bathing suit, asked the fans and doctors help. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Todorenko in connection with the programme is often obliged to fly airplanes, to cover long distances and change time zones. All this is bad for the health of Regina.

“Over the last month I have survived 22 flights. In my opinion, are on record. Ask: “How are you not tired of so many flights?“ I used to say that I don’t care. Now the answer is: “Tired, very tired“. Don’t know how to recover, harder to tolerate the change of time zones and climates, so you want to be active and not a vegetable, the shelf life which is about to expire. Sometimes too lazy to even talk, if only his feet had carried you to another unfamiliar hotel room, which in a few hours you will call home. There are experts among you who are also so often fly, maybe doctors? Please give me some advice on how to survive in such Spartan conditions?“, – posted online Regina.

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