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The leaders of the militants in the Donbas are preparing for the elections

Главари боевиков на Донбассе готовятся к псевдовыборамPseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied Donetsk scheduled for November 4, 2018.

The leaders of the DNR terrorist organization once again gave an indication of the so-called heads of regional administrations occupation of Makeyevka and Gorlovka to check the state of readiness to conduct elections in ORDO, which is scheduled for November 4, 2018. This is stated in the report of group Information resistance.

“To promote and legitimize attempts to “LDNR” in the European Union, the leaders of the “Communist party of the DNR” agreed with the representatives of the party Communist Refoundation in Italy, the possibility of holding in the middle of April in Rome and Milan of actions aimed at support of “DNR/LNR”, – stated in the message.

While in Lugansk and Donetsk are generally invisible election campaign. “Obviously, not Zakharchenko (the leader of the militants – ed.) here it is all about. How will Putin, so be it” – said the Donetsk Maxim, whose name is changed for security purposes.

The DNI and LC – terrorist organizations seized with the support of the Russian Federation of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. Both organizations created, funded and maintained by Russia, where, among other things, the terrorists are getting fighters, trainers, and heavy equipment, weapons, ammunition, and fuel.

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