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The leader of the “OE” sharply reacted to the wave of emigration from Ukraine

Лидер "ОЭ" резко отреагировал на волну эмиграции из Украины Vakarchuk explained the nature of emigration.

The leader of the group “Okean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk commented on the wave of emigration from Ukraine the last few years, including in the United States.

My opinion on this occasion, he expressed in an interview with the American edition ForumDaily. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Emigration is an inevitable part of human history in any period, on any continent. Especially in the modern world, the open. Especially in a world where your English language and standing next to you laptop, you open not only a window into the world of concrete and world wide,” said the musician.

According to him, expect from the fact that poor, all the while developing country with lots of political and economic crises, the population, especially the young, will sit and wait when this is all over, it would be primitive.

“I want to remind you that after the great potato famine in Ireland in North America has left more than 30% of the population. And today lives in the United States 30 million of the Irish, and in Ireland 5 million But, as a result, today Ireland is one of the most affluent countries, and GDP per capita inferior to us, and they took more than 100 years. I’m not implying that all who remained in Ukraine, will sit and wait for 100 years, but say that emigration is possibly unpleasant for the state, losing its progressive and active population, is an inevitable process,” — said Vakarchuk.

He is sure that the destiny of the strongest, which the Americans call challenge oriented, as pioneers of the Wild West, to stay in the country and to create new conditions, to develop the country.

“Even in difficulties, to continue to say: look, we were able to make their country better”, — concluded the leader of “Okean Elzy”.

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