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The leader of “DNR” laughed a pompous organization of the crowd

Над главарем "ДНР" посмеялись за помпезную организацию массовок Alexander Khodakovsky said Zakharchenko.

The former commander of group of terrorists of the “Vostok” Alexander Khodakovsky, has ridiculed the decision of the leader of the terrorist organization “Donetsk national Republic” (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko send in the occupied city of Yenakiyevo, where there will be “the introduction of external management” at the local steel plant, a group of “activists”.

The statement cites terrorist community “reports from the militia of new Russia” in social network “Vkontakte”.

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“In connection with a joint “communiqué” leaders “LDNR” about introduction of external management planned mass sending group support from among the activists of ML of PD (public movement “Donetsk Republic”. – Ed.) in Yenakiyevo. Whether to Express sympathy, or to indicate solidarity with the workers of yenakiieve iron and steel works on the eve of their transition under the control of the state (the terrorists “DNR”. – Ed.)”, – said Khodakovsky.

“I have no doubt that every resident of Yenakiyevo with trepidation awaiting the reconstruction of socialism in a particular locality. Some inherent sarcasm of the post due to numerous complaints from the extras about another mass show, the plot of which will soon become clear. Well, I decided to enter – to enter, why to drive people to action, removing them from work? Who needs this?” – said the terrorist.

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Над главарем "ДНР" посмеялись за помпезную организацию массовок

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