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The “LC” tortured to death, one of the commanders

В «ЛНР» запытали до смерти одного из полевых командировKiselev was killed during the first interrogation.

The suspect in the attempted takeover of Pro-Russian terrorist organization “LPR”, one of field commanders of fighters Vitaly Kiselyov named a Communist tortured to death during interrogation his accomplices.

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As reported, former so-called “Deputy of police “LC” along with several “officials” of the militants were accused of trying to seize power.

After that, the media has information about the murder Kiselyov, however, the terrorists rejected it by publishing a video which was issued for the commander of the fighters of his brother.

“In fact, a Communist was killed immediately after the first interrogation. When talked to him, then, shall we say, overdone. And so he died. Kiselyov tried to save but couldn’t. And in the frame next to Rakhno is the brother of former field commander, Sergei, who works as a driver in the administration of the Carpenter”, – said a source in the “LC”.

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