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The law – that dyshlo: where to turn, and came back

Yes, FL no 458458-5 “About responsible treatment of animals and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” waited a long time. Eight years it took government officials and MPs to get together and quickly approve a Law that protects the rights of… stray animals and directed against the master of millions of animals. Yes, all is well. While the dog or cat living in the main house the well-fed, well-groomed and under the supervision of, their owners will have all around. As soon as the owner will not be able to bear SUCH responsibility (the examples I give below), he must take the pet in a shelter and then for the animal to come heavenly life. Castration, sterilization, and life annuity in a cage at the taxpayers ‘ money. Humanism turned to the people and not by the person.

It is logical that any law should be worked through by experts. Logical, but not for all the discussion of the draft law of the Russian Cynological Federation was not even involved. Weird. In the courts its instruments and Provisions recognised, but when it comes to huge work primarily requiring the use of professional handlers and breeders, to the RKF and other public organizations are not addressed.

Legal conflicts that will arise after the adoption of this document, it is best formulated in the address N. C. Fadini, which is published on the website of RKF. Everyone can read the link And we will touch on several critical issues.

Someone who is dangerous


Закон – что дышло: куда повернешь, туда и вышло


P. 10 article 3 States that “potentially dangerous dogs – dogs of certain breeds, their hybrids and other dogs that pose a potential danger to life and health and included in the list of potentially dangerous dogs, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation”.

In all international dog training system up until the precedent is, by definition, some breeds as “potentially dangerous” but the Government, of course, know better. As well as the fact that the existing term “mestizo” can be replaced by the term “hybrid”. However, as it is assumed to determine the origin of the métis, the Law is not decrypted. The term “dangerous dog” is much closer to the truth than “dangerous breeds”. Apparently, the affected people will be physically or mentally it’s easier with the injuries they have caused “dangerous” dog.

And what to do with potentially dangerous animals? This explains V. 13, p 6: “Walking a potentially dangerous dog without a muzzle and leash regardless of where dog walking is prohibited, except if a potentially dangerous dog is in a fenced area, owned by the owner of a potentially dangerous dog on the property right or other legal basis. The presence of this dog should be done by a warning label at the entrance to the territory”.

What with the Russian language, the authors of the Law are serious problems, it is clear from the first lines. In this case, p 6 says that “walking is prohibited”. Granted. If we assume that the authors took pity and allowed the dog to leave the apartment, the heat and cold, in the wild forest or in the field it must be muzzled and on a leash. I mean, if you want to pour the animal walk on the water, this can not be done even in 40-degree heat. It humanely. It is unclear, however, what age is it humane to muzzle the animal – apparently just 3.5 months, the end of the quarantine. To train it, to make it SAFE, too – the muzzle-do not remove. It remains only to buy their own plot of land.

By the way, in accordance with this law, such dogs cannot take part in exhibitions, because in the ring they should be displayed without a muzzle. And hence, in breeding, they will not be allowed. That’s right – just will be bred without documents, totally uncontrolled increasing population. This is what you wanted, representatives zoozaschity when lobbied for this Law?

Your dog can take away

And mad this is the second thesis of the Law. Absolutely law abiding owner who purchased a dog or cat, is obliged to obey the new “animal justice”. The Law is called “Public control in the sphere of treatment of animals” (V. 20). A public inspector can be any person. Which (attention!) freely enter the territory of the owner and will conduct audio and video recording:

7. “In the exercise of public control in the sphere of treatment of animals it is prohibited to restrict the implementation of public inspectors in the area of treatment of animals, pictures and video, as well as the use of recording (audio)”.

Than you could visit uninvited guests “jumped” even through the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and fixed it in the privacy of the home? The fact that the public inspector deems inadequate maintenance of your dog or cat. Suddenly they eat food for 1500 rubles instead of 6,000? Suddenly they have found an Allergy that you can not cure? Or God forbid, your cat or dog have an “unwanted offspring”? As it was planned to implement Chapter 3, article 9: “Article 9. General requirements for keeping of animals”, is unclear. It is absolutely clear that this can go.

Animals belonging on the property right, can be seized and turned over to the shelter. Speaking of shelters.

Where is the money?


Закон – что дышло: куда повернешь, туда и вышло


Those citizens of Russia who are afraid of dogs, and it is naive to believe that the new Law will protect their lives and health, should be read carefully article 18 “Organization of measures for implementation of the treatment of animals without owners”:

“4) return of animals without owners who are not engaged in unprovoked aggression, to their former places of their habitat after the event referred to in paragraph 2 of this part;

5) placement in shelters for the animals and they animals without owners that are unable to be returned to their former places of their habitat, prior to the transfer of such animals to new owners or the natural death of these animals.”

All feral flocks will continue. These animals are caught, sterilized, vaccinated once (judging by the text of the Law) and will release in the habitat. Humanism in its pure form. And yet – unthinkable volumes of the budgetary funds, in view of the country. And if you do not leave shelters until the death to contain the animals. In cells. All my life – in the cells. This is undoubtedly the highest expression of humanity and humanity with taxpayers ‘ money.

Little things in life


Закон – что дышло: куда повернешь, туда и вышло


What is more interesting, we have prepared a Law that had been worked on for eight years? A final ban on the dogs. Paragraph 5 of article 13:

“3) to prevent walking the animal outside the places allowed by the decision of the local authority for a range of animals.”

This is probably the most surreal point, prohibiting dogs to defecate in principle. Because in many cities such places for a range is not provided at all. Well, that dog can’t wait until its 2-3 hours will lead to such a theoretical place, deputies don’t care. How and with what means members of the plan to build a dog run in each yard of a house, is unclear. But it is very clear how much money from the new fines will fall to the Treasury.

Allowing the shelters to be sterilized and captured the master’s dogs , and pass them on to new owners. The fact that the civil code provides for a 6-month period since the statement about the found stray animal, the authors of the Law is not confused. In translation into Russian it means that if your dog or cat suddenly lost, you’ll get her spayed. If back at all.

Unequivocal ban on the activities of breeders – paragraph 2 of article 13:

“Not allowed Pets in entrepreneurial activity, except for cases established by the Government of the Russian Federation”.


It’s not the whole list of unimaginable blunders and follies, registered in FZ № 458458-5. The bottom line is that the Law created “to protect animals”, aimed entirely different. On the deliberate destruction of purebred animals as a class. The destruction activities of canine and feline organizations and clubs. The destruction of breeding work breeders.

And the fact that the army dumped animals because their owners can’t comply with absurd rules and regulations (for example, twice a day, to pay a fine for “walking in the wrong place”) – will grow with cosmic speed.

You want it? You get to sign it.

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