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The law on “self-employed” does not exist. Under the tax press will get any Russian

Закона о «самозанятых» не существует. Под налоговый пресс попадет любой россиянин

The Russians once again were misled. The adopted law No. 425-FZOn amendments to the tax code” there is no mention of “self-employed“. All changes relate to the collection of taxes from income of INDIVIDUALS. In fact, under the law gets any citizen. Got a man, though some income – he is obliged to “detach” from this income to the state. Moreover, changes in the Tax code will allow to invent taxes on anything. Everything will depend on the imagination of the authorities.

How so? After all, we were told that we are talking about self-employed!

The fact of the matter. Deputies from the party “United Russia”, which are the initiators of this law, probably deliberately injected people astray. How else to impose unpopular laws during the rapid fall of a rating of party power? Russian media published the explanations that were given to them “from above”. Representatives of the few opposition probably did not penetrate into the essence. But the fact remains: Russia launched the experiment on the purification of purses of Russians from the “extra” money.

In a nutshell the essence of innovation

1) Innovations allow it to tax any kind of human activity: dug up the garden to the neighbours-pensioners – to pay taxes. Sold the property, called in a favor – pay the tax. In the new law there is no separation-time of the provision of services from regular generating regular income.

2) If the experiment is successful in a number of regions of Russia, in the future the law will extend to the entire population.

3) the Entry into this special tax regime, according to deputies is voluntary. However, if a person has got (received) the income not being officially employed, he is responsible for his actions as a person evading the payment of taxes.

In General, everything is simple: If you want to obtain income, then sign up as individuals applying the special tax regime. Not registered – get the punishment for illegal business activities and tax evasion.

4) as list of activities, which includes receiving no income (you cannot switch to this mode notaries, lawyers, trading in excise goods), to recognize revenue, the government can any activity.

Co-author of the new law the MP-einaros Makarov on the website of the state Duma argues that in practice, the main thing importance will be given to common sense. It is clear that the boundaries of “common sense” legislation is not defined. In fact, everything will depend on the desire and mood of the authorities.

The main goal of the legislative initiative of the party in power is the increase in tax collection. After all, the main source of replenishment of the budget – oil, at any time may cease to bring profits.

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