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The launch of the e-ticket to Kiev, appeared the first issue

Запуск электронного билета в Киеве: появились первые проблемыIn the sale of e-tickets there.

Since yesterday, surface transport was supposed to start loudly advertised testing e-ticket – travel e-cards using the validators in the salons of transport. Journalists, like many people of Kiev, rolled up his sleeves and tried to see how to use the new convenient system. And there was a surprise for everyone.

“Not delivered”. Recall the first time the mayor Vitaly Klitschko said about the electronic tickets in the last year. Purchase required for this system (validators and associated equipment), first promised for spring of this year and then to fall. Autumn is almost over, and here was the date of IKS. Immediately alerted that an attempt to purchase a new card at the kiosk, for example, on Kontraktova square, where they sell the tickets and travel, was a failure. There we were told that e-tickets yet… not delivered. Validators, oddly enough, is also is not everywhere (according to the latest data of the Kyiv city state administration, 1200 1500 validators supposedly already installed): for example, there’s no single trams operating at the hem. However, the “gadget” was found in trolleybuses on a route No. 42. On the screen a message saying that the system is running in test mode. Offer him a Bank card with PayPass and… nothing happens, the validator only blinked the green light.

“Yet they do not work” – explained to us the conductor.

According to him, shortly in the showrooms will appear posters with instructions for passengers, but will work when the system itself is unknown.

Запуск электронного билета в Киеве: появились первые проблемы

Check for yourself. But it turns out, first, the full system will launch in two months, and secondly, to test it will not the real people of Kiev in a really crowded salons, and… the officials themselves.

“Testing will be conducted by specialists under the supervision of the Department of information and communication technologies of the KSCA. Need to check how the system works if all the validators are OK, identify deficiencies and eliminate them. At the time of testing in the sale of the ticket will not. Only after everything checks out, it will start the system into operation, and it will be able to use citizens,” – said Deputy KSCA Dmitry Davtyan.

Although, recently, the head of the Department of information technologies Yury Nazarov said Today that a limited number of cards people will get: “Passengers will ride the vehicle and check the reliability of the system.” Why the change of plans, do not explain.

Запуск электронного билета в Киеве: появились первые проблемы

The isolation of the test of life don’t understand and experts.

“Initially, the implementation of e-ticket was supposed to be an investment, but the authorities went their own way. A long-delayed test operation of the equipment. And now, announcing the launch of the ticket, it turns out that not all installed, sales of e-tickets there. And test it will be the officials. What we eventually get is just a simulation ticket”, – considers the expert on transport Dmitry Bespalov.

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