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“The last picture”: another book on the field of Russian horror

Dark genre continues to lure in people from outside. Convinced that fiction will want to try horror, the author with a big name decides to make a horror hoax, the famous singer suddenly start writing horror. And try to say after this that the genre is not interesting to anyone.

The publishing house “AST” , his novel “the Last picture” authored by Michael Samara. Michael is a writer young, but at 22 he has the assets of more than a dozen published books. The majority of these child and adolescent prose; it is sufficient to say that under the works of the author in “Eksmo” has identified a series with the speaking name “the adventures of an extraordinary dog”. But interested in Michael and story 18+.

“The last photograph” is described as a youth Thriller/horror. The official abstract reads:

They say that good people do not pursue the curse.
After years of separation, the University friends travel to the woods for a picnic, to tell each other about their lives and share the news. But the first day they lose their guide and start to wander.
Dark night, dangerous animals, ready to attack at any moment, the indistinct sounds coming from the thicket of the forest, all is not as scary as the mysterious Forester, which is everyone dreams. All this is not as scary as the pictures in my phone that did none of the young people…
They say that good people do not pursue the curse.
But so does a clean conscience these friends?

Description quite horrornot; another thing is how all this is implemented. Expect there can be anything. But introductory fragment of the novel, frankly, is not impressive.

Anyway, the book is already on sale and in stock at the official store of the publishing house. Further – everywhere. Edition limited to 3000 copies.

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