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The last DJ on post-apocalyptic radio (VIDEO)

Watch funny Irish zombie short film “Dead air” (Dead Air). The name, incidentally, is quite common. Not to be confused.

Over the following creation worked Director Emmett O’brien. In the scenario laid his eponymous comic book. The story talks about how

Rob is human, the last survivor of the DJ on the radio, continues to broadcast in a post-apocalyptic world filled with stray dead. The man suspects that goes crazy from loneliness and asks the question: “But who’s even listening?”. That’s just the answer he may not like.

You guessed it, the guy is waiting for a good surprise. I will not spoil, but it will be quite fun. However, perhaps the hero just lost his mind completely, and all he fancies. Anyway, look at this little thing, made on the knee, but with the soul.

Overtures to George Romero and the movie “I am legend” available.

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