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The last detail before the release of Far Cry 5

Последние детали перед релизом Far Cry 5The game will have microtransactions, but the campaign can be played without a Network connection.

In today’s world, even a single adventure can be ruined by microtransactions, so many gamers prefer to know in advance about additional means of money extortion in certain games. In an interview with GameSpot, Ubisoft said any payments are hidden in Far Cry 5.

Apparently, nothing criminal in a shooter is not planned. Microtransactions will be, but gameplay advantages thus cannot be purchased. As writes GameSpot, donut in Far Cry 5 similar to that of Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Egyptian action proposed to be purchased for real money kits that speed up leveling and contain a certain amount of game resources.

While Executive producer Dan hay (Dan Hay) says that Far Cry 5 itself is very generous in resources, behind a wall of microtransactions, nothing is closed. They say, you can just wander through the game world and get many awards for research.

In addition, the single player campaign of Far Cry 5 is completely accessible without a Network connection. But, of course, for full sensation online still recommended: shooter offers co-op, elements of competitive multiplayer and map editor levels from the community. And that’s not counting the broken add-ons from the season pass, which will also have to load over the Internet!

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