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The last days of Rick Grimes coming in with a new teaser for “the Walking dead”

If you missed telezombi, do not worry: soon they will again fall into line. New (ninth) season of “the Walking dead” (The Walking Dead) is about to reach screens. And in our greedy paws on the next video.

In the video more or less peacefully, but if the number of Negan, even sitting in prison, without tension no cost. You will not regret do the old Rick that saved the life of the leader of the Saviors? We’ll find out. By the way, the creators of the show already just write: “the Walking dead. The latest episodes of Rick Grimes”. Apparently, expect to see goodbye to a key character coming even those who long ago abandoned the series.

Synopsis the ninth season:

Viewers will see survivors six months after the end of the war. This time of relative peace between the communities; under the leadership of Rick’s people are rebuilding civilization, working together, looking back to the past to build the future. But the world they knew is changing rapidly, destroyed buildings, nature takes over, changing the landscape and creating new challenges for survivors.
Over time, communities are faced with unexpected obstacles, dangers and, of course, with the walking, but nothing can prepare them for the meeting with terrible force that threatens the very idea of civilization.

New showrunner Angela Kang promises spirit of a Western, something cheerful and more attention to strong female characters. Well, the casting news promise the emergence of whispering around me, one of the brightest groups from the original comic book.

Season premiere is scheduled for October 7, 2018.

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