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The last 50 thousand years, the Arctic was suitable for life

Последние 50 тысяч лет Арктика была пригодна для жизниOver the past 50 000 years, the Siberian Arctic were suitable for human life.

Sure, the specialists of the Institute of history of material culture Russian Academy of Sciences.

About fitness for life in the Arctic were discovered along the coast of the Arctic ocean finds. In addition, approximately 20,000 years ago Antarctica was inhabited by the first people who lead quite a sedentary life, scientists tell. Age of the North finds more than 30 000 years.

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Its main finding specialists found in paragraph North Yang. It was the traces of extraction of the ancient hunters who did stay at this site in the process of hunting for bears and wild goats. The level of the inhabited surface can be seen quite clearly, particularly because of the abundance of bones.

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Scientists from the RAS also noted that most of the finds were made at a sufficiently great depth, indicating a significant age fossils. About 50,000 years ago in the Arctic average temperature could be no more than ten degrees below zero.

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