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The largest island of our planet. Photo

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. ФотоThey are among the ten largest Islands in the world by area.

Learn about ten major Islands.

No. 10. Ellesmere (Canada) is 196 236 km2
Ellesmere is the northernmost island of Canada – one of the ten largest Islands in the world by area. Because of the harsh climate, the island’s population of about 150 people.

On-site Elsmere repeatedly found the remains of prehistoric animals. The first settlers were nomads from Siberia. In the year 1250 in the territory of the settled people of the Thule, the ancestors of the Eskimos. But by the mid-18th century, the island became deserted.

The island was discovered in 1616 by an English Navigator William Baffin.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 9. Victoria (Canada) is 217 291 km2
In ninth place at the square – Victoria island (Canada). The island was discovered in 1838 during the expedition the British Explorer Thomas Simpson.

In the 50s of the 20th century the island was home to several settlements in which lived the meteorologists. By the end of the 20th century the population increased flog immigrants Eskimos, engaged in fishing activities here.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 8. Honshu (Japan) – 227 970 km2
Honshu is the largest island of the Japanese archipelago and occupies 8 place in the rating of the largest Islands in the world. On the island of Honshu, the largest Japanese cities: Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto, Hiroshima etc.

The island is covered with many volcanoes, some of them are active. The population of the island – more than 103 million people.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 7. United Kingdom (UK) – 229 848 km2
The UK ranks 7th in the list of the largest Islands in the world and is the largest island among the British Isles and in Europe in General.

The beginning of the history of great Britain is the period of the Roman conquest in 43 BC, but the island was the earlier story.

Britain was inhabited by the people of Noto, a few hundred thousand years ago. Modern man arrived on the British Isles before the last ice age but retreated to southern Europe because of the glaciers that cover the island. According to archaeological finds, after 12 000 BC the British Isles were re-populated. About 4 000 years BC, the island was inhabited by people of Neolithic culture.

Today the population of the island of great Britain more than 61 million people, making it the most densely populated area of Europe.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 6. Sumatra (Indonesia) – 443 066 km2
Sumatra is the sixth largest island in the world. It is located in two hemispheres, as almost at the middle of the island passes the Equator. The island belongs to Indonesia and is part of the Malay archipelago. He is in a zone of frequent earthquakes and tsunami.

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Today the population of the island of Sumatra more than 50 million people. The main city of Sumatra: Medan, Palembang, Padang. In Sumatra there live people of many nationalities, about 90% is Muslim.

Around 73 thousand years ago on the island of Sumatra was the explosion of the volcano Toba. This event resulted in 1800 years of the ice age and the reduction of human population to 2000 people.

The name comes from the Sanskrit word samudra “ocean” or “sea”.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 5. Baffin island (Canada) is 507 451 km2
Baffin island – first in size among the Islands of Canada and the fifth largest in the world. Due to the harsh climatic conditions of the island, the population is about 11 thousand people. The largest settlement on the island — Iqaluit.

The first description of the island did William Baffin in 1616, in his honor and named the island.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 4. Madagascar (Madagascar) – 587 713 km2
Fourth place ranking is the island of Madagascar. Located in the Indian ocean off the East coast of Africa. The island is the government of Madagascar (the capital Antananarivo). Today the population of the island of Madagascar more than 24 million people.

The locals call the Madagascar red island because of the color of the soil. More than half of the animals found in Madagascar can not be found on the mainland, and 90% of plants are endemic.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 3. Kalimantan (Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei) – 748 168 km2
Kalimantan or Borneo is the third largest island in the world. It is divided between 3 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. The island is located in the centre of the Malay archipelago.
Kalimantan in local language means the diamond river. It was named so because of its rich resources, particularly the large number of diamonds.

The first people settled in Kalimantan, about 40 thousand years ago. Today the population of the island, about 20 million people. On the island live more than 300 ethnic groups.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 2. New Guinea (Indonesia, Papua-New Guinea) – 785 753 km2
New Guinea occupies the second place ranking. New Guinea is divided between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

In New Guinea there are still places where never been. This place attracts researchers of flora and fauna, as they can meet rare species of animals and plants. It is home to more than 11 thousand species of plants, 600 species of birds, over 400 species of amphibians, 455 species of butterflies and about a hundred known species of mammals.

New Guinea ball inhabited by man at least 45 thousand years BC from Asia. From the first settlers and there was over a thousand Papuan-Melanesian tribes. The lack of large, suitable to the domestication of animals on the island hindered the development of agriculture and made it impossible for the cattle. This contributed to the preservation of the primitive communal system across large areas of New Guinea up to the present day. The mountainous landscape has contributed to the isolation of people from each other, so that the island has a huge variety of languages.

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A pioneer of New Guinea was the Portuguese don Jorge di Menezes, who landed on the island in 1526. According to legend, he gave the island the name “Papua”, which translates as curly, this is due to the curly hair local aboriginal people.

Today the population of the island of New Guinea more than 9.5 million people.
On the territory of New Guinea is an ancient agricultural settlement cook showing isolated development of agriculture for thousands of years 7-10 and included in the world heritage List of UNESCO.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

No. 1. Greenland (Denmark) – 2 130 800 km2
The largest island in the world Greenland. Green country, as they call this island belongs to Denmark. Due to glacial cover (84% of the surface) and adverse climatic conditions most of the island is not inhabited. To date, the Greenland population is more than 57 thousand people. The largest town of the island — Nuuk (Gotham).

Several thousand years before the arrival of Europeans the island was inhabited by the Greenland Eskimos who call themselves Inuit. The Inuit have adapted to extreme conditions of the Arctic climate and feel quite comfortable. They are from time immemorial engaged in fishing and hunting.

The first Europeans on the island joined the Norman Gunnbjorn in 875. In 982 the island was settled Eric Raudi with several companions, exiled from Iceland for his crimes. Later they were joined by Norwegian Vikings. In the year 983 in Greenland was founded by the first Norman colony.

After the settlement of Greenland by Europeans, the island was repeatedly passed from hand to hand. Until 1536 the island belonged to Norway, then began to belong to Denmark, in accordance with the Union between Denmark and Norway. In 1721, the island was formally established, the Danish colony under the name of Gotham. In 1814 after the dissolution of the Union between Norway and Denmark Greenland became completely a possession of Denmark.

The main activity of the population of Greenland is fishing. But in the late 20th century the breeding of the reindeer and sheep and production of oil. An important role plays the tourism and air transport. Greenland is visited annually by more than 20 thousand tourists.

Самые большие острова нашей планеты. Фото

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