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The largest companies invited to invest in the project possible.

Крупнейшим компаниям предложили вложиться в проект возможной дочери Путина

The new project of Fund “Inpractice” the supposed daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin Katerina Tikhonova is present in the list of projects in which the Russian government may oblige the investing company of “list Belousova”. The attention this drew The Bell.

The total cost of the pilot version of the project ANO “Innovation engineering center”, which will be implemented in the Krasnoyarsk region, is 1.05 billion. The document says: “Then the other subjects of the Russian Federation”, but the amount of funding is not specified.

It is noted that the project “Inpractice” is on the list of the Ministry of economic development and Ministry of Finance, because all the projects submitted by the ministries. The publication notes that representatives of agencies and Fund have not responded to their requests.

For the implementation of the project requires membership in the center “at least 15 major customers (companies with state participation) and private investors with contributions in the total amount of not less than 1050 million rubles.”


Among tasks that the project must implement the creation by 2026 of not less than three thousand high-performance workplaces and reorientation of investment programs of corporations on Russian technology to create a “belt of 1000 technology companies around the leading technical universities of Russia to 2026 General revenue to 100 billion rubles.”

Earlier, presidential aide Andrey Belousov wrote a letter to Putin with a proposal to withdraw from the metallurgical, chemical and coal companies “excessive profits” at 500 billion rubles. But the government invited the business to increase investment in necessary projects for the country. As it projects to be considered, as will be realized, the selection is unknown at this time. The Bell announces that the company has submitted its list of projects worth about 7 trillion rubles, and the government — a list of 11 trillion.

The employee of the companies from list “Belousova” confirmed to the publication that the project “Inpractice” is in the document, which went to the company.

Fund Tikhonova, called Putin’s daughter, will receive from “Rosneft” 355 million roubles

In June of this year it became known that the Fund “National intellectual development”, which works at MSU under the brand of “Inpractice”, received the largest in its history, the purchase of “Development of technology for assessment of reservoir properties using multi-scale data” from the oil company “Rosneft”. The cost of the contract amounted to 354,7 million rubles (including VAT). Competitors, according to tradition, the Fund was not, as he once again became the sole provider of services on the lot.

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