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The largest and most useless: why the Soviet Union released the tractor K-700

Самый большой и самый бесполезный: зачем СССР выпускал трактор К-700

In his pursuit of the civilized world, the Soviet government tried to establish a grandiose but unnecessary records.

A musician and popular blogger Michael Yezhov shared memories about his experience driving the “greatest tractor in the world,” K-700:

“In Soviet times, it was the pride of the tractor. K-700 – the largest tractor in the world. And this is not a joke. The largest of tractors for agricultural applications.

One problem – for selhozperepisi he did was not good.


Its weight was such that going along the furrow, he was transformed (by pressure) the furrow in anything. After its passage, the land stamped so that it instantly killed all living things.


Plowshares 4 of the trunk (who knows – he know) as it was planned, it was not pinned. Broke pericrania mechanisms. So, plow on it instead of four DT-75 did not work. And it is intended as a full replacement 4 tractors DT-75… did Not work…

In General, the power of the designers gave. And gave Brezhnev proud of the largest tractor in the world. But to sense something? Created this crap, and what to do with it, nobody knew. The designers of tractors, stealing the drawings from the “enemy” had disappeared in the race for size.

T-150, Т150К, T-700, T-701 – it was a triumph of the dimensions of the tractor and the triumph of their futility.

Huge tractors, huge power and absolutely useless in the economy, as if competed in their worthlessness. Cultivate – too heavy truck. After cultivation, the soil under its wheels required 2 years couple. At least.

To pull out of the fields trapped T-150? And it’s not. Personally, I saw K-700 was stuck in the mud so that he decided there and throw, because there is nothing it was out.

His tank was calculated on the Solarium. On how many litres. But krantik flow of gas to the engine was set higher than the tank. There was still 20 litres in volume.

Water is heavier Solarium…

I once stalled in the village. Realized that stupid juice is not enough.

I went down to the ditch with a bucket, drew water in a bucket and poured the water into the tank. Went down again and filled again, the water in the tank. Then the water kicked Solarium from the tank, I quietly sat down and started the tractor…

As bred – grandmother wailed all!!! Have you seen??? Brezhnev invented a tractor that runs on water…

I got the “water” to the garage. There is, of course, the tank is washed and removed it. But the grandmother has decided that in the USSR, the tractors go on the water!

They stood at the time, in all the farms as monuments.The tractor is big, heavy, reliable, but just to touch it is not necessary. And then stuck somewhere in the mud. The whole town then we will pull…

And this is for me the triumph of the scoop. The largest and most useless tractor in the world – K-700 and K-701.

We have all the time in the news announcers reported that rolled off the jubilee (hell knows what) K-700, the largest tractor in the world!!!

The people in the USSR didn’t really understand why do they need such large, but proud. In fact, the large… The biggest one. In such States do not…”

In the comments readers shared their impressions from this miracle of Soviet technology:

– We got used to doing Loder (loader), hang on a rail and bucket 1.8 cube. But no more, otherwise the frame-700 could not stand and was cracked…

And he was very dangerous on the road: God forbid it to turn over, the cab crushed like a paper with a cake – inevitable death mechanic.

– So, do you think the scoop is specially designed tractors? It’s tanks, without guns and fighting towers. For a tank this size, weight and power – the most it. All tank factories in peacetime, was called the tractor. Of course, on a tank to mow the grass and sow not very comfortable – but who cared. If that can be students or research workers to the fields to send.

– A neighbor has one, bought really for nothing, when the farm was falling apart, was cheaper than the T-150, the price of scrap metal, restored and plows, twelve liters of diesel dope, when starts, with fright the crows from the trees are falling…

– It was designed as a missile truck tractor. But a war it did not fit and so it gave to agriculture.

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