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The lack of this vitamin can lead to serious disease

Недостаток этого витамина может привести к серьезному заболеваниюUnexpected findings by Scottish scientists.

A lack of vitamin D, which is produced in the human body under the influence of sunlight, can cause dementia. This is the conclusion reached by scientists at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

Their most recent work covered the data of three studies of almost 1,200 people that found a higher risk of developing dementia (dementia) in people with low levels of vitamin D.

It is known that it helps to keep in good condition blood vessels of the brain whose damage leads to the so-called vascular dementia. Also “solar” vitamin stimulates white blood cells — macrophages that help to cleanse the body of accumulations of amyloid protein that causes memory loss and development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Previously, scientists have paid attention to the fact that the inhabitants of the Northern parts of Sweden and Scotland are more likely to suffer from dementia than those that live further South closer to the equator.

In General about one third of cases of Alzheimer’s disease associated with lifestyle risk factors are diabetes, Smoking, high blood pressure and obesity. Another third is accounted for genetic reasons: people whose ancestors suffered from dementia, more vulnerable.

The remaining one third of cases related to the environment, air pollution and just has a lack of vitamin D. Scientists recommend that people from regions with a small number of Sunny days at least to take vitamin supplements, and ideally to move to more favourable terms of climate and ecology of the region.

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