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The Kremlin’s media caught in another fake about Ukraine

Кремлевские СМИ подловили на очередном фейке об УкраинеIt turns out that in Ukraine “cancel carnival”.

Another fake about Ukraine “pleased” the Russian press.

So the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” reports that Ukraine has banned to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.

“While all the honest people eats pancakes for both cheeks in a pancake week in Kiev think that they would still be banned. For ideas, look no further than steel. It turns out that Mardi Gras is not a Ukrainian holiday and want to get rid of. And why is it the Ukrainians needed when there is a national replacement kolody,” the newspaper reports.

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Invited paper “expert Ukraine” Anatoly Wasserman summed up under “the ban” carnival serious ideological basis.

“If people are trying to cancel, they prove that professional Ukrainians who are trying to benefit from the separation of Ukraine from Russia, forced to abdicate from the historical traditions of the Russian people. Because despite the semi-century of efforts, Ukrainians remain part of the Russian people,” – said Wasserman.

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