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The Kremlin was going to buy the Americans the remains of the Prince of Kiev

Кремль собирался выкупить у американцев останки киевского князяThe Russians have not refused this idea.

Russia tried to buy the remains of the great Kiev Prince Yaroslav the Wise for $2 million

This was reported by General Director of National reserve “Kievan Sophia” Nelya Kukovalska.

“I received a written testimony from a person who participated in such tenders in 2016-2017. At the meeting were representatives of Russia, the clergy of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Brooklyn, where, as I said, and the relics of Yaroslav the Wise. The Russians offered $2 million, however, the priests, this amount seemed insufficient. Another reason for the refusal – members of the clergy afraid to do it because the Department of justice of Ukraine received a letter regarding the investigation of the remains of our Prince,” said she.

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According to Kukovalskaya, the Russians “have left this idea.”

“I also know that Russia has created a special group of scientists who explore all the materials of the remains of Yaroslav the Wise”, she added.

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