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The Kremlin is not going to resume flights to Georgia: airlines of the Russian Federation has already lost 1 billion R

Кремль не собирается возобновлять полеты в Грузию: авиакомпании РФ уже потеряли 1 млрд р

Russian airlines are trying to remind the government of its promise to compensate for losses from the closure of air links with Georgia in late June. According to “Kommersant”, the lost profit of the industry due to restrictive measures exceeds RUB 1 billion In a White house promise to revisit the issue by mid-October, however, industry compensation will not believe.

“Victory” has prepared a letter to the Ministry of transport with a request to clarify the terms of compensation for the termination of flights to Georgia. As has told a source close to the airline, the losses from the ban on flights in Georgia there is estimated at 500 million rubles, the press service of the carrier confirmed the existence of the letter, from the further comments has refused. Meanwhile, sources in several airline companies are sure that the money from the budget and are not allocated.

In S7, the losses from the termination of flights to Georgia is estimated at 600 million roubles, the company performed 17 flights per week between Russia and Georgia. the airline Red Wings lost profit estimated at 200 million rubles. The Navy released a large part of the airlines put in Simferopol, Sochi and other resorts of the Black sea. “To them, as to Georgia, about two hours flight. This allows you to change the turnover of aircraft. But due to competition the profit on these routes is significantly lower,” explained an industry source.

The Ministry of transport said that the issue of paid “work”, about it declared the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, quoted by RIA “Novosti”. According to him, the air communication between Russia and Georgia will be restored, it will become apparent that the return of “aggressive course” in relations between the two countries will happen. “We can see the first examples of communication – you know about the meeting between the two foreign Ministers [of Russia and Georgia], which was held in new York recently, this is a positive fact.” While Sands was advised to “be patient” and wait for a favourable moment for the resumption of flights, reports TASS.

In the Secretariat of Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, who, after the closure of flights between Russia and Georgia promised to reimburse the companies for all damages, said that the methodology of the Ministry of transport and Ministry of economy for the calculation of the losses of airlines, flying to Georgia, should be prepared by mid-October.

Expert aviation practice Bain & Company Sergei Zaitsev said that to compensate the losses from the sudden cancellation of flights in the same season is difficult, as at the time of announcement of cancellation of flights for flights to Georgia from major airlines could implement more than half of the tickets, and in the summer season, the load and return on lines to Georgia is quite high. Lawyers say that in this case the actions of the state do not contradict the legislation, as the basic principle of compensation is a violation of the mandatory requirements and the resulting harm.

Recall avizare was introduced after June 20, the Deputy of the state Duma Sergey Gavrilov at the meeting of the General Assembly of the Interparliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy took the place of the speaker of the Georgian Parliament. Several thousand demonstrators gathered at the Parliament building in Central Tbilisi, demanding the resignation of interior Minister Georgi Gajaria and the President of Parliament. The protesters attempted to storm the building. The police dispersed the rally, using tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons. The number of victims amounted to 240 people.

The Russian foreign Ministry pointed out that one of the reasons of the decree about the prohibition of flights was the statement of the Georgian President, Salome Zurabishvili that the responsibility for the aggravation of the situation in Tbilisi is to Russia – the “enemy and occupier” of Georgia. Later in an interview with Euronews Zurabishvili said that tourists from Russia should not suffer from the deterioration in relations between the two countries. The tourists stated that it is not ready to abandon the rest of the country.


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