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The Kremlin is beginning to worry about trump

Кремль начинает беспокоиться из-за ТрампаOrdinary Russians compare the trump with the early Boris Yeltsin.

The Kremlin hoped to see in 2017 is a revolutionary change in the relations between Russia and the United States in connection with the coming to power of Donald trump, but now all the less rejoices in the victory of the controversial candidate.

“Now that trump is in power, the political elite in Moscow have ceased to rejoice. They realized that Russia’s position had suddenly become painfully difficult,” write Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes in the article. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Revolution trump” really opens up the possibilities for the normalization of relations between Russia and the West, starting with the easing of sanctions, but it also ushers in a period of instability and uncertainty, including the likelihood of harmful trade wars.

With the advent of the trump in the White house Putin has lost its monopoly on geopolitical unpredictability, the authors say. “The Kremlin’s ability to shock the world, taking the initiative and destroying the usual international rules and customs, had enabled Russia to play an inflated role in the international arena and to conceive things that it was not too tough. Now Putin is forced to share the ability to keep the world confused with the new American President, much stronger than himself,” – said in the article.

World leaders often look with dismay on what trump will do next than worried about what Putin will do next.

At the same time, the Kremlin is most afraid that the tramp might be deposed or even killed, since his resignation, according to insiders, will unleash a fierce anti-Russian campaign in Washington. “The Russian government is concerned not only the overthrow of trump, but the fact that it can switch to the anti-Moscow hard line to make peace with the aggressive Republican leaders in Congress”, – writes the edition.

In addition, the presidency, trump has complicated Moscow’s relations with China and Iran.

“Anyone who will spend some time in Moscow, will quickly find that the Russians, unlike most Europeans, is surprisingly positive about trump. One of the reasons is that they are tired of confrontation between Russia and the West. Another is that they share a cynical, borderline-apocalyptic view of trump’s foreign policy. …Most interesting that they compare the trump with the early Boris Yeltsin is an impulsive, charismatic, trusting only to his family, and ready to bomb the Parliament, if it works to consolidate power. The problem for the Kremlin that Yeltsin was a revolutionary leader, and Putin decided to make 2017 the year of condemnation and not the celebration of the revolution,” conclude the authors.

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