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The Kremlin has given carte Blanche to tel Aviv and takes care of the defense of Damascus

Кремль дал полный карт-бланш Тель-Авиву и опекает от ПВО Дамаска

As we predicted, the operation of the Israeli air force in Syria was resumed. The Russian leadership turns a blind eye and pretends that nothing happened, but everyone knows that the IDF bombed the territory of our ally. However, while it is not clear really what.

Formally, the explosions occur in Syria, hence this attack on Assad and his army, but the Israelis every time warn that their actions in Syria are somehow connected with the Iranians and Hezbollah. That is asadovtsev no one touches, touch only the Persians. So it turns out that the bombing of two of our allies, and bombed over the years. It seems that in his time the Ministry of defence was very busy in hoping to protect both. Tragic event contributed to the active development — the downed Il-20 seemed to have started a new resolute policy of the Kremlin in the SAR. Our military quickly locked down the airspace over large areas, and temporary no-fly zone existed off the coast of Cyprus. But then came the murky story of the s-300.

Now the mere mention of s-300, many people have unpleasant associations — there is a feeling that all of us cheated, and it was very cheap, and the actors are unprofessional. Who knows, maybe the trick is because to be an actor had a high-ranking military, which we usually have the most serious attitude.

The s-300 went to Syria, where they were deployed, and it even needed a reason to disband one or two the Iranian base. We all got ready at the Syrian sky hostile elements will not be seen. At least, at least from the Israelis to defend themselves we had, though not from the Americans or the Turks, simply from the Israelis. A month and a half, the illusion was maintained, however, occasionally officials of the Jewish state violated the harmony and gave the same little bit of information that the IDF continues to operate against Iran in Syria. Frankly, in this little hard to believe, and the internal political crisis suggests that Netanyahu and To make such statements solely from simple reasons to support their own rating.

But now everything is clear. We did not stop Israel, but tried very hard through their actions make an impression in the first place for the Iranians, exhausted by our constant omission, and Syrians, gradually kladovaya to the Russian elite. Since the tragedy of the Il-20 the IDF has already made several exactly confirmed Aviatik on Syrian territory. A high probability of successfully completed secret missions, which are public no one shared.

The question is — why are we again wasting money sending out these s-300 to Syria, staged a buzz, and then miserably screwed up? It damages the reputation of our government not only abroad, but here, inside. Or not?

Our military source, who had some bearing on this very s-300, said that for him personally from the very beginning it was clear that transfer of technology was mostly a political gesture. Speech a response to Israel’s actions was not even conducted. All the time he spent in Syria, our military leadership has repeatedly instructed that the Israeli planes under any circumstances can not touch. Neither the pilots nor the personnel of SAM, not had any opportunities to hurt the IDF. Otherwise, all this is threatened if not by the court, the end to his career. Although there were cases when our military recorded the violation of the airspace of multiple aircraft that are within a few tens of minutes, and then attacked targets in Syria and maneuver. And in some cases information was not even passed on to the Syrian colleagues or transmitted late, although the agreement on the mutual informing the Russians and the Syrians are.

In this way individuals wanted to protect Israel from Syrian air defense systems, which, frankly, is arriving in poor condition and often not able even to recognize the presence of certain aircraft in the available portion of the sky. Therefore, our source there is every reason to believe that s-300 will never cause Israel harm, in any case, while Russia is in Syria. It does not matter that afford Israel. To him the words of the interlocutor, given carte Blanche.

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