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The Kremlin explained Putin’s words about a nuclear strike and Paradise

Кремль разъяснил слова Путина про ядерный удар и рай

Russia’s first ever uses its nuclear capability, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the speech of Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the discussion forum “Valdai”. It is reported RIA Novosti on Monday, October 22.

“It was not about heaven, primarily, and not about who is going to be, and that on the doctrinal level, Russia does not reserve the right for preemptive strike. And this is important, it’s a missed. So we have the doctrine right on the first shot, not recorded,” — said Peskov.

A Kremlin spokesman added that nuclear weapons could be used if “the very existence of our state will be under threat”.

“That is, we never on anybody did not attack first. But if we are attacked, then there all going — who the hell, who are in heaven. That’s what’s important to understand, the rest is all allegory,” concluded Sands.

18 October, Putin said that the Russian side will use nuclear weapons only after you make sure someone gets a strike on its territory. “The aggressor should know that retribution is inevitable that he will be destroyed. We, the victims of aggression, as martyrs go to Paradise. And they just die, because even repent will not have time”, — he said.



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