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The king of government contracts speaks Hindi

Король госзаказов говорит на хинди

The tender for the construction of a cancer center in the Kaliningrad region may was marked by a major scandal involving firms Sinha Kumar.

The tender for the construction of an Oncology centre in the village of Rodniki, Kaliningrad region was held at the second attempt. Summer competition is at stake which stood a construction contract price of 4.2 billion rubles, was declared invalid. It was obvious that the winner then was to be the construction company, the US-200, but in a row slipped from the hands of osovtsev competition Commission found that participants ‘ applications do not meet the requirements of the documentation.

It would seem that the Kaliningrad organizers of the tender can only be praised for the meticulous approach to implementing such an important project as the construction of the cancer center, katerynopil in the Federal programme of health development and financed from the state budget. It’s no joke: on the construction of the facility will learn more than four billion rubles to account for not only the contractor, but in the first place, the Kaliningrad authorities headed by the Governor, Alihanova! It is clear that before trusting all this money to the builders, you should measure seven times, then not to bite your elbows on the unfinished or any other scandal.

At first glance, the results of the recent re-tender for the Kaliningrad Oncology center formally look encouraging. Winner, OOO “Artel” was founded in 2003 by spouses and Susanna Ashot Zakaryan is a member of the construction market of Moscow and Moscow region. At the tender fee in the region at this time, there’s no questions to the winner on documentation: once the “Gang” builds in the capitals, began to be rebuilt and Kaliningrad Oncology center. However, it seems, the customer, to put it mildly, they ran with the approval of the contractor.

As it turns out, OOO “Artel” is closely connected with the former member of the Kaliningrad contest US-200. At the same time for both structures clearly emerges the shadow of the infamous Indian businessman Singh Saroja Kumar, who some time ago escaped criminal responsibility for fraud with a contract to supply scanners to one of the hospitals of the defense Ministry.

The company “Dina international”, founder of which he is took part in 547 (!) public contracts in the amount of 6 169 473 833,55 as a supplier. These data are in the public domain.

According to media reports, Kumar was lit in Kaliningrad the tender last summer when the associated company “NEVS Medical equipment” financed the participation in the competition of the company’s US-200 payment order № 669 from 13.07.2018. But the US-200 lost the victory in the tender for the construction of the Kaliningrad Oncology center, LLC “Artel” has won the re-tender, and Sinha Saroj Kumar now quite rubbing his hands.

LLC “Artel” and the US-200 and do not think to hide their close relationship. On the website of the group of companies “Artel” LTD, the US-200 is presented in the section “Customers”. The firm was given the most flattering description: “the Company “USS-200″ has established itself as an experienced, dynamic acting prudently, decisively, and focused on results”.

About competitors in such glowing terms did not write. Their close Association proved joint participation in the construction of various objects. For example, in the construction of “Institute of pediatric Oncology and Hematology, Russian cancer research center them. N. N. Blokhin” on Kashirsky highway the General contractor was the company “US-200”, and the contractor, OOO “Artel”.

Lit up a joint in conjunction these companies and in the construction of residential houses with a total area 50777 sqm in the Moscow region Dmitrov. The developer of the buildings here were also made by OOO “US-200”, and the General contractor – LLC “Artel”. According to the newspaper “the Dmitrovsky Bulletin”, the inspection Department of supervision of construction on site of this house was revealed significant violations of the norm “for storage of materials and designs, also on the site are not timely taken out the trash that caused the overflow containers”.

They had intended to work in tandem in the construction of the Cancer center in the Kaliningrad region. Therefore, the cancellation of the decision of the competition Committee for the US-200 and the award winning “Farm” does not upset long-standing partners. Sinha and Saroj Kumar still remains in the win.

Kumar a long time on the Russian market, has acquired high connections and has a solid financial resource for participation in tenders. An important role plays the fact that he is a citizen of Russia-friendly countries of India. To him the law enforcement system is supportive. An example of this favor we will describe later in the episode with the scandal around the “case of CT scanners”.

As for the companies US-200 and “Gang”, they cannot be attributed to major players in the field of public procurement. And the reputation they have, as will be shown in our material, is very low. But these firms do not shy away from controversial schemes, “kidalovo” workers and contractors and this is very convenient. Kumar, as they say, the brain and head. He has money, connections, and debugged for decades, the technology of victories in the tenders of public procurement. But the US-200 and – performers ready to use all means possible to obtain super-profits.

Hindu Kumar appeared in Russia in the dashing 90-s, being able to gain the confidence of the then government officials and became a real king of the Russian government contracts – mostly in construction and the medical unit. During this time, Sinha Saroj Kumar has acquired in Russia so many different companies – as officially belonging to him and his family, and affiliated the tricky schemes that often already and it is impossible to determine which tender transactions involved himself Kumar, and in which his ears stick out and replenished its foreign accounts.

The scandal involving Saroja Kumar erupted in 2011, when counter-intelligence of the FSB jointly with the MVD arrested the head of the military medical Academy. Kirov Belevitin General and his subordinate Colonel Nikitin that the rollback of €120 thousand received from the former Deputy Minister of health of the Russian Federation Alexey Vilkena provided little-known JSC “Dean international” victory in the tender for the supply of the district military clinical hospital in Podolsk of tomograph Philips for 120 million roubles it turned Out that the owner JSC “Dean international” is a citizen of India Sinha Saroj Kumar, and the company is registered in Moscow on Kashirskoye highway, 24, that is, at NII through. Blokhin, whose Director, Mikhail Davydov subsequently recall the illegal rental business premises of the cancer center. When the detainees started to talk, it turned out that the corruption packs Euro referred to the Deputy Minister of health is none other than Sinharaja. As told the source of the investigation, the official Wilken admitted that the crafty Indian has long been “saddled” and corrupted the Russian Ministry of health, thereby emerged victorious in dozens of tenders for the supply of medicines, medical equipment and construction of medical facilities.

While Kumar was fond of saying to their counterparties, which helps him “a strong friendship between Russia and India”, so it is still “nothing”. Perhaps it would have happened in the case of scanners, if Kumar swung at the medicine of the defense Ministry, which is much more carefully supervised by the civil security services. According to operational data, Sinha Saroj Kumar planned after the debut Podolski hospital become almost the main provider of military health and supposedly already beat for this track in the offices of the Ministry. If this plan succeeded, it could affect not only departmental budgets.

Meanwhile, the defendants in the case on corruption in the procurement of scanners Podolsky the hospital was rewarded on merit, but not all: the cunning Hindu Kumar managed to move into the category of witnesses, presenting to the court a certificate stating that at the time of Commission of corrupt deals he allegedly was in India for treatment. However, the result actually proved guilty of corrupt Indian businessman. “Belevitin is accused, being the official, through the intermediary has received a bribe of no less than 4.7 million rubles from the representative of the company “Dina international” citizen of India”, – said the investigator RIA.

It would seem that after such a reputational scandal, the fate of the business of Saregamapa been resolved in Russia, and the Indian businessman-the swindler will surely be given the heave-Ho in any government Department. But no: it JSC “Dean international” thereafter remained a supplier of medical equipment and participated in various tenders. For example, in the investigation of portal”Who provides all the necessary Federal medical centers” by December 2016 appears all the same company “Dina international”. And mastered by Kumar budget amounts are impressive, Paskaleva for hundreds of millions of rubles.In other words, after “the Podolsk case,” Kumar got off lightly and soon again relapsed.

And this story is only one structure dexterous Indian Kumar – despite the fact that the businessman has covered the market of medical and health construction procurement is literally a network of suspicious firms.

Take the construction group Ashot Zakaryan’s “Gang”, which is a caring Indian some time ago built to perform best in a row at the cancer center im. Blokhin, making the contractor of his company JSC “Dean international”. The project here ended with a scandal. As the portal of migrants “when the duty of the employer to the foreign workers rose to 12 million rubles, the CEO, in collusion with Copmi with persons of Caucasian nationality were thrown out of caravans under the pouring rain outside 200 foreign workers. Part of the migrants voluntarily surrendered to the police, and sent to sleep in the bullpen. The other part, covered with plastic wrap, perched in the doorways of the houses, underground passages”.

The scandals in the media attracted by the plume of a citizen of India and its partners. So, in 2014, the deliberate actions of OOO “Artel” resulted in losses of LLC “Steel industrial company” hundreds of millions of rubles. In the end the dispute in Reutov court in 2014 ended with the settlement agreement.

Other customers of Kumar, as a rule, carried less. However, his construction group with a dubious background a few times and run up on opponents with a more powerful administrative resource. When the citizen of India could not avoid payment of penalties and refund unused money in a different way, in the course of take a popular tool the best of partners: the bankruptcy of their company.

Open sources indicate that the company “Artel” repeatedly filed for bankruptcy. For example, 17 Nov 2017 was filed document on the recognition of the construction company’s bankruptcy (case number A41-93805/2017). Entrepreneurs know that premeditated bankruptcy is one way to “forgive debts” everyone who should be.

If you believe the same open sources, “Cooperative” do not stop and fake documents. So, in September of this year, the company lost a large contract to build a school in Izhevsk. The amount of municipal contract was $ 771 million. But it turned out that the Bank guarantee from “Interprombank” presented by the “Gang” and its patron Kumar, was… fake. The Bank said that it had not issued the guarantee or “Cooperative” or the citizen of India Kumar.

And that’s not all examples related to tender projects enterprising Indian.”I worked in this company with 12.2016 for 04.2017. Wages delayed one to two months. After my care needs for two months. Not going to touch,” we read on another website devoted to the problems of employment.

“Complete Scam, throw all: work, management, subcontractors. Deliberately delaying in debt, and then, if you leave, you throw money. Masters, and to promise to feed Breakfast. Can not be trusted at all! “Originally promise mountains of gold, most importantly, work. And then delay the return of the RFP further and further, you refuse to continue to work, and they are immediately looking for a replacement”.

In General, it’s obvious that Kaliningrad, the organizers of the competition for the construction of a cancer hospital in the Springs could get into not-so-good history with the contractor, from which we can expect any dirty trick.


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